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Solutions for Smart Cities: 3D surveillance

Our ‘Solutions for Smart Cities’ video series covers a variety of topics from Hexagon experts. For cities, building intelligence and autonomy into monitoring is the key to becoming smarter. This is an area where video-based surveillance has struggled due to a fundamental limitation – trying to detect events in a 3D world by comparing ‘flat’ unintelligent video images is slow, computationally heavy, and gives excessive false positives. In contrast, the new Leica BLK247 uses LiDAR to continually monitor accurate 3D models in real time. It’s fast, reliable, and offers greater scope of detection. It operates in all light conditions and can combine with video and infrared feeds for even richer detection and qualification. In this episode, Geosystems Vice-President Carl-Thomas Schneider shares how real-time reality capture transforms your ability to monitor security conditions, evaluate detected anomalies, and efficiently respond to incidents.

Speaker(s): Carl-Thomas Schneider (Leica Geosystems)

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