Community Policing and Next Generation 911 Services

In today’s environment, Real-Time Situational Awareness has become a critical component in public safety at all levels of government from state and local to federal. Whether it is a natural disaster, an active shooter, or a terrorist threat, collecting, analysing, and routing emergency information in real time has not only become a necessity, but has become an essential requirement to ensure public safety, increase response times, and save lives.

There are two major challenges facing organisations trying to implement these new systems and tools, with the first being legacy infrastructure that is incompatible with today’s new technologies. By building a robust framework and system, we are able to successfully integrate into your organisation’s legacy infrastructure, thus extending the life and increasing the ROI of legacy systems. The other major challenge that organisations face is they lack the ability to share real-time, mission-critical information across varying jurisdictions including different state and federal organisations. Zeteky Inc.’s public sector solution, Torch.Tips, helps solve these challenges and provides the backbone on which this information can be routed and transmitted in a secure, auditable, and compliant manner.

Zeteky has focused on not only acquiring the data in real time, but is actually routing the data to the people who need it most. Everyone talks about the Internet of Things, but what they should be talking about is the Internet of “my things.” As a Mayor, Governor, Police Chief, or Special Agent in Charge of an FBI field office, everyone needs to be alerted and made aware of what’s going on during and after a critical event that pertains to and relates to them and their mission. Through Zeteky’s partnership with Hexagon Geospatial and our best in class solutions, we are able to solve these challenges for organisations large and small, to help them to not only become part of the smarter cities movement, but most importantly help to make communities safer for all constituents.

Steven Jasmin
Corporate Development
Zeteky, Inc.

Steven Jasmin is head of Corporate Development for Zeteky. With over 15 years of experience both in Startups as well as a Management Consultant for Fortune 500 and Middle Market Companies, he has a deep experience helping companies put together and structure new enterprise sales channels, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and excels at helping to develop new products that are needed in the markets that he is working in. Over the course of his career, Steven has sat on every side of the negotiating table. He is able to bring a deep and significant skillset as well as an extensive world-wide network with key relationships to Zeteky.