Better Data Visualization and Analytics Tools Improve Decision Making for Public Safety Agencies

Today’s public safety agencies create and collect thousands of data points every day; data that could be used to manage resources and operations more effectively, improve transparency and legitimacy with the public and create policies that make cities safer and more resilient.

However, many agencies find it difficult to do much with their data. Most of the time, it’s raw, fragmented, incomplete, and incorrect. It lives in disparate systems. The data is time consuming to organize and prepare, making it hard for any kind of evidenced-based reporting, analysis or decision making to happen.

Recently, Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division launched Intergraph InSight, a suite of public safety data visualization and analytics software designed to help agencies assess performance, better allocate resources, improve operations and see their data in new ways. It provides a solid foundation for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis tailored to an organization’s needs.

At the core of Intergraph InSight is a data warehouse. The data warehouse merges and cleanses data from different sources, transforming and organizing it into subject-area focused data models, which form the basis for pre-configured and custom reports that can analysts and other users can build with Intergraph InSight.

Typically, agency staff rely on small teams of analysts and specialists to pull data and build reports. However, analysts and specialist are often overburdened with complex and cumbersome software, meaning they may take days or even weeks to answer reporting and analysis requests. Some agencies don’t even have analysts on staff to make sense of the information. Intergraph InSight helps to alleviate these issues.

With visually interactive reports and dashboards, Intergraph InSight provides easy-to-use, self-service reporting and analysis tools. Agency staff members can run reports and conduct analysis on their own, which produces quicker results, reduces costs and frees up analysts in the process. Intergraph InSight also offers visual report templates and spatial analysis that can be easily understood and shared with the public and other stakeholders to improve trust, dispel misconceptions, demonstrate compliance and justify funding.

Want to know more about Intergraph InSight? Visit the product page today. Or watch this HxGN TV episode to learn more about Intergraph InSight and the role analytics plays in making cities safer.

Jack Williams

Jack Williams is the product manager for public safety analytics solutions at Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division. Williams' technical background, versatile skill-set, and multi-domain expertise has enabled him to successfully identify, manage, and drive new product capabilities and opportunities in key industries.