Transforming Challenges into Sustainable Solutions

Inspiring keynotes, new product reveals, user stories, hands-on workshops, meetings with developers and product managers, input sessions and a large exhibition space makes Hexagon’s LIVE Global conference that place to be every year. 

If you ask me why I like attending HxGN LIVE Global, I’d say the answer is simple – but it’s not a short one. because I can’t talk about every amazing thing I saw this year in the space of a blog post, here are some of my highlights. 

First of all, there are few events out there that have so much value to extract. Over the course of just a few days you have the opportunity to take in inspiring keynote speeches, new product reveals, user stories, hands-on workshops, meetings with developers and product managers, input sessions, a large exhibition space and a ton of networking opportunities. HxGN LIVE is all that and more, bringing the excitement and inspiration of a visionary conference to the extravagant backdrop of Las Vegas. 

The key theme of this year’s show was “empowering an autonomous, sustainable future.” Hexagon’s CEO, Ola Rollén, elaborated brilliantly on this topic: Humankind is on the edge of destroying our own existence due to ever-rising CO2 emissions, and we cannot wait for others to change this – we must take action ourselves immediately. The title of his presentation, “What Stands in the Way Becomes the Way,” already suggests the direction of the solution – recognise your problems, act upon them and find new opportunities to move forward. One example he gave is to embrace autonomous systems to eliminate the human error that so often results in wasted energy. Circularity of our economy the process of ensuring that used products return to the supply chain – is another pillar of the solution. 

Where Rollén’s presentation was visionary in nature, Burkhard Boeckem and Erik Josefsson dug a little deeper with a more hands-on approach to illustrating how Hexagon’s products can help improve the sustainability of our planet. R-evolution, the sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary of Hexagon, is there to develop and support projects that optimise sustainable outcomes. We also learned that Hexagon supports start-ups and initiatives that will move us forward to a sustainable future.  

The Oracle Red Bull session from the metrology track was a true hidden gem! Zoe Chilton took us through the processes of a Formula One team on their way, perhaps, to a new Constructor’s world title. World Champion Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez elaborated on the hard work of a team of 1200 to get better and better. They described in detail the important role of metrology in their processes – their partnership with Hexagon has worked out extremely well, and it was a great compliment to Hexagon that its laser trackers that were introduced in the garages during the race weekends were not just adapted by the other teams, but also by the FIA, the regulating body of F1! Zoe turned out to be one of the best presenters I experienced – witty, to the point and able to keep the audience focused effortlessly. 

In this short space, I don’t think I’m able to tell you the full story of a day at HxGN LIVE Global.  In short, it’s hard to describe how valuable and exciting it was to be at this great event!  

Also, here’s a tip for future attendees: bring a sweater as even though it’s in the Nevada desert, it is quite chilly in most areas of the Venetian! 

Sander Schröder

Sander Schröder is the Innovations Manager at Ingenieursbureau Coenradie BV. Coenradie provides measurement services ranging from land surveying to metrology for multiple industries.