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Seizing Digitalisation Opportunities


Efficiency + Connectivity = Engagement

For years, we’ve been discussing the impacts about the Digital Age. We moved away from static features to more intelligent solutions that solved the complete problem. We became faster and more efficient by automating processes. We shared more information than ever before.

What did that mean for the geospatial industry?

In Surveying, this meant leaving the tapes, lines, and pen and paper behind for robotic layouts and verifications in one step, and digitally sharing information between the field and office.

In Construction, this meant no more guesswork at determining the gradients for smooth paving or correct compaction, but digitally connecting the machine with design through automation to exactly dig where and how deep.

In Mining, that meant cloud-integrated, life-of-mine solutions to connect all professions in the mine to drive efficiency and safety when searching for resources that we need for our living

It’s time, though, we move beyond just going digital. Today, businesses need to continue to digitise processes and digitalise businesses. Let me explain what I mean here. Digitising is about the automation of processes through digital solutions, and digitalisation means connecting parties within or with our business that were previously not connected with each other.

Using disruption for opportunities

Every industry faces disruption, a change in how results are achieved and processes get us there. At Hexagon Geosystems, we seek out the opportunities in such disruptions.

When we envisioned the power of scanning for the surveying industry, we created the world’s first combined total station and 3D laser scanner in the MultiStation for efficient operations with never-before-seen detail. As smartphones made touch technology a daily commodity, we were the first to apply this in our industry as well. So, we made our Captivate layout and verification solution with this intuitive technology so measurement professionals would be just as immersed on the job as they are on their phones while at same time bringing the digital plans to the field. Knowing productivity and efficiency gains are some of the biggest tasks firms need to achieve, we envisioned the ability of one-man surveys. We, therefore, made it possible through ATRplus and Dynamic Lock on our latest generation of total stations and MultiStations, enabling these solutions to remain locked on to a prism in any environment without the need of a second person setting up targets, gaining efficiency levels that every operator aims to achieve.

You may say we even drive disruption just for the chance to innovate. We say we drive ourselves and the industry to never settle and always move forward. We’ll continue seizing opportunities as we are digitising processes  of as-build, layout and verification into one solution.

What does this mean for the geospatial industry?

When a business digitises, it becomes more efficient in how it produces, shares and evaluates information. When it digitalises, it undergoes a transformation – a disruption –  to become a connected ecosystem. Digitising can lead to digitalisation, and at Hexagon Geosystems, we’re helping bridge the gap to this ultimate phase.

In Surveying, we’ve connected our airborne users through the Hexagon Imagery Program to collect, share and democratise high-quality airborne imagery.

In Construction, we’re leveraging the synergy of Hexagon’s businesses to digitalise entire construction sites. With integrated and interrelated solutions, our innovation brings together all the players with all the information to plan, execute and manage any project.

In Mining, we take Big Data and turn it into a complete enterprise solution. From enabling autonomous-driving trucks to detect potential crash obstacles to instantly alerting mine managers to threatened slope movements, we’re connecting mines from the top down, from the inside out.

Shape matters in creating digital realties

As real world operations move further toward digitalisation, we continue to lead our industry on this path of disruption and seizing opportunities. Bridging from What Is today to what What Should Be tomorrow, measurement professionals are now able to work in the most accurate and current digital realities. And, with our lutions providing the shape critical to these digital realities, the possibilities are limitless for what you may discover yourself, what you may event disrupt.

How can you find your own disruption?

As we are continually looking for opportunities in disruption, we constantly need to be in the right environment to stay on top. You can create your own space for opportunity, too, if you:

1) Surround yourself with people that enjoy moving forward;

2) Never take something as is but look out for the should be; and

3) Are not shy to innovate and embrace change.

We are committed at Hexagon Geosystems to bringing the real world into these digital realities, giving space to professionals to create their own disruptions for more opportunities. Digitalising today for better businesses tomorrow, now that’s shaping smart change.


Juergen Dold

Jürgen Dold has been with Hexagon since 1995. In 2021, after serving in a strategic leadership role where he was responsible for the vision, strategy and portfolio roadmaps of Hexagon’s Geosystems, Geospatial and Safety & Infrastructure divisions, he assumed the role of executive vice president, to lead key enterprise-wide initiatives. Dold is responsible for Hexagon’s focus on the content and platforms necessary to power and operate Smart Digital Reality™ applications and experiences that empower growth within Hexagon’s existing markets and offer rapid expansion into new market segments. Before joining Hexagon, he served as academic counsel and assistant professor at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, and held various management positions within Leica Geosystems. Dold holds a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in engineering.