Reality Cloud Studio unveiled: 9 key reactions

When you see beautiful, high-definition scans of real-world objects, it’s natural to assume that only reality capture professionals can achieve such a feat. However, the field of reality capture has evolved significantly in recent years, and Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR, has taken it one step further. Now, it’s easier than ever to transition from scanning an object to creating a photorealistic visualisation that can be seamlessly shared with and viewed by others, all in the cloud.

In honour of the recent launch of Reality Cloud Studio, we’re excited to share the top 9 social media reactions highlighting how people are connecting their digital reality with this powerful and intuitive cloud-based application.


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From scanning to a photorealistic 3D mesh in one click, thanks to Reality Cloud Studio!

This is truly a new way to “process data”, recording scans and automatic scan-to-mesh.

See what an extraordinary result we have obtained with the BLK2GO data in the attached video, and imagine the results you could get with your scans! #HxDR #RealityCloudStudio #ConnectMyReality

⚡First Impressions of HxDR Reality Cloud Studio⚡

 I’ve just experienced the reality capture revolution with the HxDR Reality Cloud Studio solution! Navigating the reality capture data of the 🏛 Imperial Museum of Petrópolis 🏛 in a fluid way and without delays, all this in more than 120 scanning positions in ultra-high resolution!

🖥 The level of detail is impressive, straight from the browser, with advanced tools that allow you to customise the appearance of the images, adjust the size of the points, modify the lighting and select the background. In a few minutes, I could transition between capturing data in the field and publishing online. Still generate custom tours, add markups and measurements, segmentations, and more. Collaboration and development of final products has never been easier and faster!

HxDR Reality Cloud Studio not only resets the standard for reality capture data visualisation but also sets a new benchmark for real-time collaboration and agile end-product development.

🌐 This is the future of digital mapping – efficient, effective and extremely exciting. I can’t wait to explore and develop new applications with this innovative tool! #HxDR #RealityCloudStudio #ConnectMyReality






As more businesses incorporate reality capture into their workflows, data processing, storage, visualisation and security become increasingly crucial. Reality Cloud Studio automates and streamlines these processes, creating a fast, efficient workflow that minimises the learning curve through features like auto registration and auto meshing.

To discover more, visit the Reality Cloud Studio page.

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