3D technology opens Georgia Aquarium’s window into the world of sharks

In honour of Shark Week, we’re taking a look back at our team’s contribution to the Georgia Aquarium’s “SHARKS! Predators of the Deep” exhibit. Optimizing 3D technology innovation, the team captured complex measurements thanks to the Leica Geosystems’ 3D Disto. See how the team worked together to build the exhibit that’s still fascinating shark enthusiasts of all ages. 


For centuries sharks have been surrounded by mystery, with stories that have played out in some of our favorite books, movies, and television shows — these creatures of the deep hold our fascination and can send chills down our spine with a single mention. Now with the help of laser 3D measurement technology, a new underwater experience has surfaced that will put people closer than ever to these predators.

The Georgia Aquarium’s “SHARKS! Predators of the Deep” exhibit offers an immersive floor-to-ceiling window into an underwater reality anchored by a 36,000-pound custom polymer dome. Within this awe-inspiring exhibit, it’s easy to overlook the precision required to build the infrastructure that houses its unique experiences. With little room for error, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc., an acrylic specialist company, relied on Leica Geosystems’ 3D Disto to accurately measure and confirm that the window would fit exactly as it should.

Troy Bryant, Project Manager with Reynolds Polymer, explained in the video interview that the measuring system gave him and his team peace of mind. A massive project like this requires multiple levels of coordination for shipping and installation, so measurements that are even a millimeter off could add significant time and money to the project — potentially jeopardising its ability to happen at all.

Through “SHARKS! Predators of the Deep”, guests can learn more about these deep sea dwellers, including greater awareness for conservation efforts. Visitors can also develop a deeper connection to important environmental causes thanks to this unique aquatic experience, brought to life with the help of digital reality.