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Real-time Situational Awareness and Continuous 24/7 Reality Capture with BLK247

The Leica BLK247 is a reality capture sensor that detects changes within 3D environments and provides real-time situational awareness through edge computing and LiDAR-enabled change detection technology. Designed to be installed for continuous 24/7 reality capture, the Leica BLK247 detects the movement and placement of specific objects within 3D environments. For example, the BLK247 will detect if a suitcase is left behind in an airport terminal and can notify security personnel of its presence within seconds.

Built for the continuous monitoring of complex spaces, the BLK247 establishes geo-fences around restricted areas, such as secure areas of buildings, or objects, such as works of art in a museum, and notifies security staff of any unauthorised access. The BLK247 greatly enhances situational awareness within these spaces; professionals will no longer need to permanently monitor walls of security screens or smart building dashboards. The device will alert those professionals of all changes, expected or unexpected, with immediate visual feedback.