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Geospatial Keynote: The M.App of the Future is Now (TV600)

Our senses capture our experiences, providing form and shaping the elements of our environment through sights, sounds and distinct impressions. A tsunami of data surrounds us, but with the ongoing flood of facts and figures, how can we ensure that we truly remain informed? As humans, it is in our nature to transform chaos into organised structures of information that provide order and understandable patterns. In doing so, we advance as communicators, as architects of shape—sharing smart data through a variety of forms.
However, we must ask the questions: Is the traditional form of communicating location-based information, through the map, still relevant in this dynamically changing world? Do maps really help us make sense of change? Should we consider new forms of communicating and experiencing change?
In this keynote, Mladen Stojic, president of Hexagon Geospatial, will illustrate how the Hexagon Smart M.App® provides a new form for envisioning, experiencing and communicating geographic information. The Hexagon Smart M.App is a dynamic experience, enabling users to design, develop and deliver online information services through the fusion of fresh content sources, 360° analytics, targeted workflows and meaningful visualisations. Join us as we celebrate the launch of the Hexagon Smart M.App, introduce game changing applications from partners and extend a special invitation to create, innovate and experience the M.App of the Future.