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Hexagon News Mash-Up (September 2019)

Hexagon launched cutting-edge new products and applied innovative technology to help its customers, highlighting an exciting second quarter of 2019.

0:15 Geospatial mapping aids fire rescue

0:42 Detroit event 3D prints real-life landmarks

1:30 Tech Highlights Intro

1:45 Tech Highlight: Leica BLK2GO

2:30 Tech Highlight: Leica BLK 247

2:42 Tech Highlight: HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System – Light Vehicle

3:02 Tech Highlight: IDS GeoRadar RockSpot

3:21 Tech Highlight: HxGN On Call

3:40 Tech Highlight: Leica DSX

3:57 Hexagon & AspenTech partnership enhances digital twin technology