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Elevating Construction Standards with Reality Capture Technology

If you think about it, reality capture technology has been around for more than 150 years. Historically, it was called photography. When Multivista came into the picture in 2003, we were calling it digital photography.

At that time, the deficiencies in construction records were glaring and the need to accurately capture every step of the construction process was clear. So we went to work taking digital pictures – lots of them. And we delivered those pictures in a manner that we knew all construction team members could embrace – by linking them to digital floor plans online. For the first time, every project stakeholder had access to a complete visual record of their project, from start to finish, at their fingertips.

You know, it is the simplest, most practical solutions that create the greatest efficiencies in the construction industry. And, as it turns out, Multivista’s “pictures over plans” concept is one of those solutions.

Now, 60 international locations and 1.75 billion square feet of awarded contracts later, visual construction documentation, once considered a luxury on the job site, has evolved into a best practice. With the August 2016 acquisition of Multivista by Hexagon, one of the world’s leading information technology providers, we firmly believe we are positioned to bring about greater efficiencies by introducing more advanced digital reality capture technology and project planning, execution and control to the industry than ever before.

Project stakeholders in every vertical market and at every skill level benefit from our dynamic suite of reality capture offerings – but, interestingly, nearly all of them use the data in a different way. For instance, within the same project, the investor can remotely monitor construction progress in real time, the architect can compare the BIM model to as-built conditions, the construction lawyer can defend a construction defect claim, the project manager can quickly respond to an RFI, the general contractor can verify sub-trade workmanship and the facilities manager can identify the cause of pooling water. The impact of the data throughout the project’s life cycle is really quite remarkable.

During an interview at this year’s HxGN LIVE, our COO/CFO, David Stadnik, and Ken Mooyman, president of Leica Geosystems NAFTA, spoke about the industry’s marked shift toward visual data on the job site. The momentum is evident as user adoption at every level continues to grow, but we have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

A robust new level of job site intelligence is fast approaching with Multivista’s upcoming fourth quarter product releases, and we are eager to see the continued impact on the industry.

Increasing construction efficiency through a higher level of project insight – now that’s shaping smart change.


Luis Pascual, in his role as President and CEO, serves to drive innovation at Multivista and provides the vision to maintain the company’s position as the leader in its industry. Luis brings a deep understanding of complex logistics and provides a foundation of leadership to Multivista, which has enabled him to build a strong management team around him, both within Multivista Systems and among the international network of Multivista franchise owners. Luis co-founded Multivista after exiting previous successful ventures in the construction industry. With a keen eye on the evolution of the industry, Luis is dedicated to fostering the next generation of information solutions for the fields of construction and facilities management. He was educated at Queen’s University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.