Construction Tech Talk interview: Autonomous outlook study

In a recent episode of IRONPROS Construction Tech Talk, Thomas Harring, President of Hexagon’s Geosystems division, had an enlightening conversation about the cutting-edge developments in construction technology and Hexagon’s Autonomous Construction Tech Outlook findings.

Surveying over 1,000 executive decision-makers, Hexagon’s study on construction automation offers an in-depth perspective on autonomous construction solutions. The findings provide crucial insights for anyone planning to invest in construction tech and seeking to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape effectively.

One of the key takeaways from the study was the increasing importance given to procurement and supply-chain efficiency. This trend is attributed to a mix of long-term patterns and recent challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. It underscores the value of material availability and streamlined supply chains in ensuring project success.

Harring stressed the crucial role that sustainability and technology play in the future of construction. He highlighted how these tools can enhance efficiency, minimise waste and promote environmentally friendly practices. He also discussed the creation of a “single version of the truth” through the convergence of different technologies — a live, continually updated digital twin that can simplify and streamline construction processes.

The conversation concluded with a reminder of the importance of collaboration and ecosystem development in bringing about meaningful change in the industry. As Harring succinctly put it — it’s not just about talking; it’s about showing and doing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the impact autonomous technology is having on the construction industry, you can find the full Construction Tech Talk here.