Putting data to work: Harnessing technology to unlock actionable insights

What does a digitally transformed construction site look like? You can experience it yourself at HxGN LIVE Global 2023.

The Austrian construction company and digital pioneer Gnant GmbH has digitised its operations to increase productivity, efficiency and environmental friendliness. By leveraging data to provide the best overall solution to clients, the company has gained a competitive edge. As part of its digital transformation, the company invested in a rover and 3D machine control system for a dozer and strategically developed skills in-house. By digitising processes and workflows, Gnant was able to realise complex projects more sustainably while also increasing productivity and quality.

Modern machine control and field solutions allow machine operators to work more independently, taking on more tasks on the construction site. Accurate data processing in the office has also reduced the need for extensive personnel effort on-site. Gnant and Hexagon are long-term partners: Continuous innovation at Hexagon enables Gnant to stay ahead of the curve. By leveraging Hexagon’s ever-evolving technology portfolio, comprehensive services and support network, Gnant can provide value-added services to customers.

By practising digitisation instead of just talking about it, Gnant has achieved its goals of growth and market differentiation. The benefits of the digitisation manifest in increased productivity, quality and profitability.

At the Digital Innovation in Construction Summit at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, you will be able to explore one of Gnant’s projects as an augmented reality experience. Find out how Gnant connected its people, processes, plans and machines and how the company saves time and costs by utilising digital construction technologies. Use a tablet to interact with the table and understand how Gnant’s setup improves its operations and drives business value.

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