Behind the Tech Highlights at HxGN LIVE Global 2023

Key takeaways

  • HxGN LIVE Global 2023 was an immersive experience, spotlighting Hexagon’s most inventive solutions across multiple industries.
  • The industrial metaverse was well-represented by the combination of Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR, and Nexus, effectively bringing the concept to life.
  • Innovative enhancements to HxGN EAM, with Python integration and a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis module, fuelled a leap in productivity and efficiency.
  • Hexagon’s new offerings, such as HxGN Autonomous Mining, HxGN Underground Mining and enhanced security intelligence with Qognify’s VMS, are game changers in their respective fields.

HxGN LIVE Global consistently serves as a platform to display Hexagon’s most remarkable innovations, and 2023 was no exception. If you could not attend this year’s technology conference, not to worry. Here’s a roundup of our Tech Highlights — a showcase that represents the pinnacle of our innovative capabilities.

Reality Cloud Studio graphic displayed on the wall at HxGN LIVE Global 2023

Unveiling a new dimension in reality capture

Hexagon introduced its first reality capture Software as a Service (SaaS), Reality Cloud Studio, at this year’s event. Built on the HxDR platform, Reality Cloud Studio allows users to upload, register and mesh their reality capture data in the cloud automatically to create digital twins, collaborate in real-time with key stakeholders and export data in various standard formats. The service’s highly automated nature and intuitive interface represent a leap forward for the reality capture industry.

Paul Burrows, Principal Software Solutions Manager, Reality Capture, shared insights into the reception of Reality Cloud Studio at HxGN LIVE Global 2023. “The reaction for Reality Cloud Studio has been wholly positive,” he said. “We’ve been doing about 30-to-40 end-to-end demos each day, and customers have absolutely loved it.”

Existing customers have found new value in sharing their data and finding a simple way to engage their clients. “Everyone’s been saying it’s clean, fresh and simple to use,” Burrows added.

Redefining manufacturing collaboration

In a world where swift and accurate product delivery is paramount, Nexus is breaking barriers in the manufacturing landscape. Nexus surpasses typical platforms by bridging the gap between technology and people and fosters real-time interaction across engineering disciplines through a data-centred approach.

“Unlike other platforms, Nexus caters to high-end design and simulation data, transforming the collaboration landscape through innovative approaches like Smart Data Contracts,” said Manish Chary, Director of Product Marketing for Nexus. His enthusiasm about the digital reality platform was evident as he added, “The intrigue it has sparked is undeniable.”

With Nexus, silos across enterprises crumble, replaced by an interconnected network accelerating quality product delivery. Nexus is not just a platform but also a catalyst for change in manufacturing.

Supercharging enterprise asset management

Among many Tech Highlights presented by the Digital Industrial Facilities Summit were the latest enhancements to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), integrating the power of Python and a comprehensive Root Cause Analysis module to lead significant strides in efficiency and failure response.

Python, an industry-standard programming language for machine learning and data science models and applications, is now vital to EAM applications. James Sanwald, EAM Solution Consultant, said this Python framework “goes beyond just executing code.” Users are now empowered to “develop that code, contextualise it with real-time data and test it out within an authoring tool,” he added, ensuring seamless integration within their work process before full-scale deployment. This integration allows for task automation, extended applications and the creation of purpose-built functions.

Alongside the Python integration, Hexagon introduced a robust Root Cause Analysis module in HxGN EAM. This module lets users explore the underlying factors leading to asset breakdown using industry best-practice techniques. Sanwald noted, “The reaction to our Root Cause Analysis and Python framework enhancements has been exciting.”

But the improvements don’t stop at the identification. “By pulling in reliability data from those failures and tying this back into their RCM tree,” Sanwald said, “users can now trigger follow action with Root Cause Analysis.” This allows for the rapid implementation of corrective action across an organisation, preventing similar events from reoccurring.

Transforming construction management

HxGN AEC Project Viewer — a tool designed to bring unprecedented simplicity and transparency to construction management — was another HxGN LIVE Global exclusive. Construction management activities are complex, time-consuming and often lead to errors. AEC Project Viewer seeks to change that by empowering field and office teams.

With building information modelling (BIM) at the core of its functionalities, the AEC Project Viewer streamlines model, program and document management processes. This improves visibility and enhances communication in construction projects, increasing efficiency and reducing potential errors.

Pavan Choudada, Manager, Operations at Hexagon Capability Center India, had the opportunity to conduct hands-on workshops and share his experiences This sentiment of anticipation and enthusiasm indicates a positive response from those who have interacted with the tool, affirming its potential to transform construction project management.

HxGN Underground Mining on display at tech conference

Unveiling autonomous and underground mining solutions

The Intelligent Mining Summit offered the first opportunity for attendees to see new introductions to Hexagon’s mining portfolio: HxGN Autonomous Mining and HxGN Underground Mining.

The HxGN Autonomous Mining portfolio unifies command, control and safety solutions, guiding mines towards full autonomy. At the same time, HxGN Underground Mining digitalises operations for real-time workflow adaptability, optimising operations and enhancing safety. By integrating tools for fleet management, planning, design and scheduling, it is transforming underground processes and workflows.

Jose Sanchez, Product Marketing Manager, Mining division, shared visitors’ reactions: “For HxGN Underground Mining, many people are just excited, especially because we have the TeleOp machine where you can drive the equipment underground. It made an impact.” This technology — recently acquired by Hexagon — enables the tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from a control station, providing added safety for workers on the surface or underground.

One of the common reactions he received was, “Is that for real?” His answer? “It is for real, and it’s very exciting technology.”

Reducing the impact of incidents

Qognify’s video management software (VMS) is changing how enterprise organisations and communities protect people and assets. With comprehensive video capabilities and flexible integration options to connect with physical security and public safety ecosystems, it provides optimised situational awareness to security operators, responders and authorities and helps to significantly speed up investigations.

The recent version 7.3 of Qognify VMS introduced QogniFinder, an innovative, non-proprietary forensic search tool that considerably accelerates investigations for persons or vehicles in recorded footage. QogniFinder harnesses a powerful meta-database that continuously records metadata streams from AI-powered IP cameras in real time.

Zeke Zbleski, Director of Solutions Engineering, Qognify, spoke enthusiastically about the new offering: “VMS has been a missing piece of the puzzle, and it’s filling a critical gap in Hexagon’s security portfolio. Attendees have been excited about the potential Qognify solutions can add to their physical security and public safety ecosystems.”

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Hexagon is continually at the forefront of the digital revolution, making strides to create technologies that change how we live and work—and this is certainly evident in the Tech Highlights from HxGN LIVE Global 2023. Whether in manufacturing, construction, mining, asset management or security intelligence, Hexagon’s recent offerings promise to reshape industry landscapes.