Putting rails back on track in the U.S. is a step toward preserving the environment

As part of a wide-ranging climate agenda laid out by President Joe Biden, the United States is targeting a reduction of greenhouse emissions by over 50 per cent from 2005 levels. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector provides an area of exponential reduction opportunities, generating the largest share of greenhouse emissions of any sector primarily from burning fossil fuel in everything from cars and trucks to ships and planes.

For the United States to achieve President Biden’s new emissions targets, it will require a significant reduction in the reliance on passenger vehicles and the expansion and investment in transit and rail.

Any expansion of high-speed train and rail comes with the need to ensure safety while operating an efficient and profitable service. And HxGN Mass Transit, Hexagon’s geospatial transportation infrastructure management system, will be there every step of the way to serve as a single source for visualising and analysing transit and rail assets and operations while potentially serving millions more passengers.

With HxGN Mass Transit, rail-bound and transit operators can easily inspect, validate and share information on the fly. This innovative tech goes beyond a simple map, providing an advanced digital twin of a city’s entire public transportation network – from track, stops and switches to construction sites, ticket machines, benches and even garbage cans. It offers these capabilities and workflows for supervisors, analysts, asset and operations teams and others.

As the U.S. begins to rethink the meaning of infrastructure while looking to fund public transportation at the federal level, there’s never been a better time to learn about HxGN Mass Transit. Click here to discover how HxGN Mass Transit can help manage the country’s growing transportation assets and operations.

Let’s make real change on Zero Emissions Day 2021 and beyond

Over the past few years, Zero Emissions Day (September 21) has turned into a worldwide movement that focuses on minimising the use of fossil fuels and the impact that other energy sources have on our planet and its climate. We now know more than ever that we must take action so that we can impact the environment in a positive way. Hexagon is proud to support activities that reduce our environmental footprint and mitigate environmental risks while fueling innovation. To learn more about our sustainability commitments and how we are putting them into action, visit the links below:

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