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Three Reasons to Choose HxGN SMART Move for Real Time Mobile Assets Management in Construction, Ports and Industrial Facilities (TV720)

Many companies find that managing a wide range of mobile equipment such as trucks, excavators, loaders and cranes during construction projects is challenging and negatively impacts productivity. Underutilization of construction equipment, suboptimal planning and scheduling, unplanned downtime and high fuel consumption not only increase cost, but in many cases, also cause delays. A control system that optimizes operations and organizes information in real time is essential to provide workers uninterrupted knowledge that better prepares them to control production and make informed decisions. And knowing the correct and best use of equipment is fundamental to achieve maximum performance and productivity. In this episode, Rodrigo Ormezzano will present reasons for companies to choose HxGN SMART Move for mobile assets management and control, as well as tell stories of customers, who increased productivity, reduced the transport equipment fleet and also reduced loading and unloading queues.