Tech Highlights: Leveraging data so you can do your best work

Rare is the person who is not experiencing an overload of information these days. From the continuous “dings” of mobile phones to the vibrations of smart watches to the amount of data we are exposed to at work (both during and after office hours), we not only face a constant stream of information but are also left to decide how to use it effectively.

As a company that’s committed to driving autonomy and sustainability, Hexagon is putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications.

At HxGN LIVE Global, Hexagon brings people together to discuss how technology will drive these vital industries. In particular, Hexagon’s Tech Highlights program allows attendees to learn about solutions that are empowering the use of data in new, world-changing ways — giving them the freedom to do their best work.

The following are just a few of the Tech Highlights that will be featured at HxGN LIVE Global. Attendees will also be the first to experience several launches at this year’ event.

Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit

Positioning technology is the backbone for many innovations today; therefore, this technology must be accurate and fast. Attendees of the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit will have the opportunity to learn about RTK From the Sky™ technology, which enables RTK-level accuracy in three minutes with 99.999% availability for GNSS corrections worldwide. The technological breakthrough of rapidly converging precise point positioning (PPP) corrections with RTK-level accuracy empowers users across applications, from surveying to autonomous platforms, to trust their positioning solution across environments and conditions.

Connected Cities and Services Summit

Streamlining city and community operations requires coordination, data sharing and analysis of information. At the Connected Cities and Services Summit, participants can learn about how Hexagon’s solutions, such as HxDR, HxGN Connect and Metro HD, are enabling enhanced visualisation and collaboration. Additional highlights include SmartAdvisor (part of HxGN OnCall), which uses assistive AI to provide critical insights and fills operational blind spots in complex emergencies and the Luciad portfolio that delivers geospatial software solutions for real-time location intelligence and situational awareness.

Digital Industrial Facilities Summit

One of the newest members of the Hexagon family — HxGN EAM — will be highlighted at the Digital Industrial Facilities Summit. This fully web-architected asset management system provides unparalleled capabilities for cost-effective, asset-intensive and performance-oriented maintenance operations.

Digital Innovation in Construction and Pure Surveying Summits

Several solutions from the Leica portfolio will make an appearance at the Digital Innovation in Construction and Pure Surveying Summits. Participants will have the opportunity to demo Leica AP20 AutoPole — the first tilt-compensated total station pole solution for construction and surveying professionals—as well as Leica iCON Awareness, which provides dynamic solutions targeting key health and safety challenges faced on construction sites. Last — but certainly not least — Hexagon’s fully autonomous scanning solutions, Leica BLK ARC and Leica BLK2FLY, will also be on display.

Automating data to create valuable insights is also a recurring theme for several products at the Digital Innovation in Construction Summit. Now equipped with artificial intelligence, OxBlue camera solutions can quickly analyse site images and report the findings, while HxGN Smart Build Insight links critical information to drive productivity, improve change management and deliver projects on time and on budget. The recently launched AiMaps, which uses artificial intelligence for radar data processing and interpretation of underground utilities, will also be available.

Future of Manufacturing Summit

Powerful software, robotics and a top-of-the-line measurement solution are just a few of the most anticipated technologies at the Future of Manufacturing Summit. Registrants are invited to take a deep dive into Hexagon’s new DESIGNER software, which bridges the gap between scan, design and production for smarter manufacturing. Also on hand will be HxGN Robotic Automation as well as AS1 with New Absolute Arm, which measures anywhere with up to 1.2 million points per second laser scanning and Hexagon’s IP54-rated portable measuring arm. Participants can also learn more about the newest member of the Hexagon family: ETQ, a market-leading SaaS-based QMS software platform.

Intelligent Mining Summit

An HxGN Live Global exclusive — Intelligent Mining Summit participants will have the opportunity to see the industry’s first digital platform to connect mining exploration to export.

Learn more about the Tech Highlights that will be on display at HxGN LIVE Global 2022. And if you haven’t registered yet, be sure to sign up for your spot today!

Heather Tuggle

Heather Tuggle is a content strategist at Hexagon AB who is passionate about sharing the benefits that digital transformation and technology bring to business workflows. Before joining Hexagon, Heather spent more than a decade in branding and communications for a global medical device company. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Georgia and is based right outside of Atlanta.