Taking BOMA Plans to the Next Level

As many of us know, doing a BOMA Floor Plan can be a difficult project to tackle. Crawling through darks storage areas, climbing over desks and office spaces, measuring tough high-traffic areas, and making return trips because you missed that “false wall,” are just a few examples of challenges we encounter on a regular basis. These issues and more make BOMA Floor Plan surveys very hard to complete in an efficient manner.

I use the latest Hexagon products in my company to help achieve timely, efficient, and accurate results. The Leica BLK360, Leica DISTO X4, and Leica MS50 MultiStation are just some of the tools I use to become a successful leader in creating BOMA Floor Plan and Lease Area Drawings my clients can trust. Integrating with Apple iPad or Surface Pro technology, my field crews can draft “on the fly” and have confidence in their measurements and results. Data seamlessly transfers between the platforms using the onboard software, Recap Pro, Leica Cyclone, Leica Plan App, or other drafting packages and applications to create the professional-looking plans and survey drawings my clients rely on.

Higher efficiency, more productivity
The BLK360 scan technology and TruView Enterprise software allows me to extract missed or forgotten measurements from the field to be captured from the data sets back in the office, resulting in a dramatic drop in return trips and an increase in efficiencies. The 360-degree camera-captured TruView images are later uploaded to the Leica TruView hosting portal. My clients love to use the TruView images hosted on the Leica Geosystems portal, allowing them to view properties, walk through without being onsite, and collaborate with their colleagues and other service providers (architects, designer, trades, managers, etc.) from almost anywhere. This makes the entire team more efficient in their workflows, cuts down on meeting and travel costs, and provides a broader range of functionality for project planning and building management.

The Leica DISTO X4, paired with the Leica Plan App, allows your smartphone to become a powerful drafting tool. Data capture is only one part of the equation. The DISTO X4 lets our team capture quality measurements quickly and accurately, and the Leica Plan App enables field crews to draft the plan as they go. This ensures that the floor plan “closes” on itself, and that all necessary measurements are recorded before crews leave the site. No more return trips to check a missing distance are needed! Our clients receive their plans in a quicker turnaround time than using less progressive methods.

Hexagon and Leica Geosystems have allowed me to open the door to new possibilities and opportunities in floor plan measurement and certification, making me more competitive and a leader in this area of measurement.

James Durant
Element Land Surveys Inc.

James Durant, ALS, is an Alberta Land Surveyor and President of Element Land Surveys Inc., in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. James works in the municipal legal land surveying sector and holds an Earth Science Degree from the University of Calgary. He was commissioned as an Alberta Land Surveyor in 2013. Follow him on Instagram @elementlandsurveys and @jgdurant.