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Tackling Equipment Customers’ Greatest Challenges

BK: Welcome to HxGN RADIO. My name is Brian, thanks for joining us. Today we have Kelly Carwile, senior business analyst and ERP administrator for Entrans International with us to discuss how Xalt has helped improve their business. Thanks for joining us.

KC: Thanks.

BK: I appreciate it. Entrans International is a global leader in tank trailer and oil and gas equipment manufacturing distribution and service. They maintain deep reserves of knowledge, people, resources, and worldwide reach. With over 100 years of experience, Entrans International knew what they were doing. Find out what led them to finding innovative solutions to their customers’ problems and their challenge of expanding into new markets around the world. And that’s what we’re going to talk about. So, tell us about yourself a little bit, what you’re doing with Entrans in your role in all that.

KC: So, I joined Entrans about two years ago. I came from a different AIP company within the same umbrella – specialty vehicles manufacturing. They had an initiative to bring a couple of their different business units onto one ERP platform and then we were on XA. And so, we were bringing them over and we use Xalt to leverage the ERP system, but in a mobile way. A lot of our business leaders don’t carry laptops anymore. Everything’s –

BK: Everything’s mobile.

KC: Right. Exactly.

BK: Excellent. What have been some of your biggest business process challenges?

KC: I think it’s probably getting our manufacturing team all on the same best practices.

BK: Sure.

KC: Each of our businesses had been run as separate businesses, and then as we acquired, the biggest challenge was being able to use best practices and take a little bit from each of the way that plans were running before, and kind of leverage the same business practices across all three.

BK: How did Xalt help that?

KC: We’re able to take their clock-in and clock-outs and dob-ons and be able to have everybody doing the same.

BK: Good. Okay. I’m assuming it’s been beneficial. Are you seeing some increase in productivity and stuff like that?

KC: Absolutely, and it gives a view to higher management to be able to key into each area no matter where they are. So, you have one work cell, it’s the same in different business units – like why is this one doing better? Why is this one not? And then being able to leverage and make it the same.

BK: Sure. Excellent. Now how did you find Xalt? Let’s start there.

KC: Well it came from REV and we used Xalt over there.

BK: Okay.

KC: Amazing, amazing products. So then once I came to Entrans it was like an immediate need.

BK: So, you pretty much recommendedlike this is what we have to use here?

KC: Right, this is what we’re doing. Right.

BK: Okay.

KC: So, you know if we’re going to standardise, then this is the product that we need to be able to leverage all the tools that I know are available.

BK: What’s been the response?

KC: It’s amazing.

BK: Yeah.

KC: Yeah. Just everything. A lot of our folks within the organisation consistently submit – you know let’s do this, let’s do this in Xalt.

BK: That’s great. So, you’re seeing good productivity across the board. You’re seeing more of a connection, more communication

KC: Absolutely

BK:  efficiency, I’m assuming things like that.

KC: Yeah. And like I said, everybody’s “Hey that’s very, very neat. Can we do this too?”

BK: Sure.

KC: You know, so it’s constantly like welcomed in the company.

BK: Okay. So, creating innovation among the employees as well.

KC: Exactly.

BK: Great!

KC: Generating new ideas.

BK: Empowering them.

KC: Exactly.

BK: That’s what people need, they really do. That’s fantastic. What would you like to see going forward? Do you have any desires with how this is going so far? What are you excited about because of Xalt?

KC: I’m really not sure yet, only because I’ve been doing app designs for the last two years and I’m really excited about some of the new stuff that has come out with them. I know that notifications have been a big thing that’s been out for a little bit. But being wrapped into the migration process I haven’t been able to leverage all the new tools that they have. So, I’m excited about doing that. And then, also recently I did some new dev on the rest of the AIP piece that they have. So, it’s two different platforms and I’m able to seamlessly pass the data.

BK: Sure.

KC: So that was amazing and I’m excited to do more stuff like that as well, coming in the future.

BK: Well obviously I know you recommend Xalt. What would be one reason you think that Xalt has just changed your – you know everything – for the better? Just one main, top reason for you.

KC: That it’s accessible, easy.

BK: Okay.

KC: I can submit vacation requests if I needed to, sitting on an airplane. And it gives leverage no matter where you are on your phone.

BK: Yeah.

KC: Any mobile device.

BK: Accessibility is something we all hear quite a bit as far as, I wish it were more accessible and if it’s not easily accessible people are moving on something else. Especially in a work environment, you’ve got to get it done quickly so, awesome. Well, Kelly thanks very much appreciate you sharing all of that and of course more information on Xalt please go to And again, thank you for being on the show today.

KC: Thank you.

BK: is the place to go for more episodes and have a wonderful day. Thanks for tuning in.