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Shaping Smart Change from Concept to Reality

Technology. It’s changed the way we work, the way we travel, the way we communicate. But how often do we take a step back and ask how technology is developing so quickly?

At Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, our customers are designing and making products – from the simplest household items that quietly impact the lives of everyone, to the most complex technologies that drive tangible change in our world. Their daily concerns are balancing quality and cost of production, working efficiently with minimal wastage, ensuring return on investment and driving sustainable growth. Our customers need to maximise productivity to boost their potential and compete in challenging market conditions, so innovation has become their business.

The interesting thing about all these challenges is that there’s already a solution. Industry 4.0 gives us a roadmap to the way things should work, and manufacturers are ready to make it their reality. The problem is that moving to Industry 4.0 principles requires a step-change in how we work – moving from detached silos to clear and connected processes. And the key to it all is data.

We recognise the changing shape of manufacturing and we’re changing the shape of our company to create best-fit solutions. Hexagon is shaping smart change in manufacturing by enabling our customers to unlock the untapped potential from data they are already collecting. Internal innovations and acquisitions are broadening our skillset to make sure data flows seamlessly throughout the product life cycle, providing actionable information to inform decision making and enable automatic correction. Through these feedback loops, we’re helping our customers realise the promise of Industry 4.0.

Our technology is already driving cutting-edge developments for manufacturers seeking a data-driven approach. Last year saw the launch of MEGAROB, a highly-versatile automated platform for high-accuracy large-component manufacturing that uses our technology to enable real-time corrections to the position of a multifunctional robot. Take a look at our 360° experience to explore this groundbreaking installation.

Technological innovation isn’t a given, but the desire of our customers to keep making things better is undeniable, and we are enabling them to build the technology that changes the world.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
President, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Norbert Hanke

Manufacturing Intelligence President Norbert Hanke, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, served the role of Financial Director at Brown & Sharpe prior to joining Hexagon in 2001. Additionally, Hanke previously held several positions within Kloeckner Group.