R-evolution’s top 5 milestones of 2022

R-evolution is the sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary of Hexagon. In 2022, R-evolution continued to put data to work in green tech investments to accelerate the transition to a greener economy.

R-evolution gained significant momentum with Hexagon and partner technology in ocean conservation, solar and wind power, green hydrogen, new ventures and more. Here’s a recap of the top 5 milestones:

  1. Launched a green hydrogen initiative with H2U

In February, R-evolution partnered with H2U – the Hydrogen Utility® in Australia to develop a green hydrogen blueprint. Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division provided a digital native design for H2U to produce green hydrogen and ammonia in Australia.

  1. Released technical blueprint to digitalise wind energy production

In April, R-evolution launched a wind energy initiative to develop a renewable blueprint to digitalise renewable energy. As wind energy grows year-over-year by 10-15%, R-evolution’s blueprint leverages over 25 segments of Hexagon’s technology to improve wind efficiency. That includes Romax for rapid modelling and simulation, QUINDOS for turbine evaluation, Solutions by NovAtel for landscape geospatial mapping, EcoSys for project management, the Leica T-Scan and VGSTUDIO MAX for blade inspection and much more.

  1. Doubled capacity by connecting a second solar energy park in Spain

In June, R-evolution completed construction and connected their second park, Archidona II. Now the park includes 40 hectares of PV and doubles the capacity to 16.44 MWp. Alongside Ansasol, the developer, R-evolution implemented Smart Digital Realities into the solar park initiative by using OxBlue cameras, Xalt Solutions, the Leica BLK2FLY and more.

  1. Launched an investment venture capital arm, R-ventures

In September, R-evolution announced a new programme called R-ventures, which aims to serve the green-tech startup market through seed funding or in-kind technology. The first investment was Material Mapper, a Norwegian-based company digitalising construction and helping buildings transition to a circular economy.  R-Ventures also invested in Desolenator, which provides a unique desalination of water solution. R-Ventures is eager to invest in innovative green-tech start-ups with planet-saving potential.

  1. Revealed the enablement of blue carbon credits for the world’s largest nature-based carbon sink

In November, R-evolution launched the multi-dimensional intelligent mapping service of the ocean ecosystem in The Bahamas, which enables the world’s first blue carbon credits for the planet’s largest seagrass habitat. R-evolution’s partner Beneath The Waves released their shark research paper and Hexagon’s AI-processed bathymetric LiDAR data were presented with the Bahamian Prime Minister at COP27 in Egypt.

This is all in just one year of progress! The journey for R-evolution is just beginning, and 2023 will be even better. Combining partnerships, technology, and investments to create scalable sustainability for environmental ecosystems will yield innumerable innovations, jobs and new industries in the coming years. Most importantly, it means a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations. This is our evolution; this is R-evolution.