R-evolution: investing in our planet

The most influential business leaders realise the time is now to invest in our planet. Through technology-leading initiatives, there is a way to support industry adoption of profitable and scalable sustainability business integration. Travel with R-evolution: powered by Hexagon on a journey around the world to see how investment in green tech can be both profitable and sustainable – for the benefit of industry and our planet.

Hexagon’s mission is to empower an autonomous, sustainable future. Erik Josefson, CEO of R-evolution, Hexagon’s sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary, shares how investing in green tech projects can be profit-driven while accelerating the world’s transition to sustainability.

Around the globe, R-evolution powered by Hexagon demonstrates technology innovation’s impact on business and the planet. Through R-evolution

  • Join R-evolution’s journey from Spain to Australia to The Bahamas to Sweden.


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