Hexagon’s News Mash-Up (Q1 2023)

In the latest News Mash-Up video, catch up on Hexagon’s news and information highlights from the first quarter of 2023.

Key takeaways 

Exploring brand-new automation insights in the construction industry

Autonomous technology is transforming various sectors, including commercial construction. To gain insight into its impact on this industry, Hexagon conducted a survey of more than 1,000 tech leaders from general contracting firms to uncover their adoption, perception and realised benefits of autonomous technology. 

The findings are presented in Hexagon’s Autonomous Construction Tech Outlook report, “Achieving better project outcomes through autonomy“. This report unveils insights for the construction industry and introduces strategies for leveraging autonomy and enhancing decision-making in construction projects. 

Innovating manufacturing with the launch of Nexus

In the world of manufacturing, every second counts. Manufacturers are looking for solutions to work faster and more efficiently through a digital reality platform that connects people, data and tech. Nexus is the digital reality platform that allows manufacturers to integrate Hexagon and third-party ecosystem tools in one place. Real-time digital collaboration is now possible thanks to Nexus. 

Partnering to make electronics more environmentally sustainable

Altium and Hexagon have engaged in a strategic partnership that will focus on designing and manufacturing electronics in a greener way. Altium’s supply-chain intelligence combined with Hexagon’s data utilisation helps reduce carbon footprints in manufacturing and design, while fostering innovation. Through new solutions and tools to support a more sustainable industry, Altium and Hexagon aim to build a brighter future for electronics. 

Google and R-evolution team up to power a sustainable future

R-evolution, Hexagon’s sustainable innovation and green-tech investment subsidiary, is partnering with Google BigLake to accelerate renewable energy transition by integrating AI into its solar photovoltaic parks. “BigLake was the perfect match for our use case because it brings to the table agility, AI/ML capabilities to process large amounts of real-time and historic data and infinite scalability to power more use cases in the future”, said R-evolution’s CEO Erik Josefsson. “Besides, we wanted to collaborate with someone who is as committed to helping the planet as we are.” 

Creating a digital twin of Tesla’s final laboratory

In 2012, Nikolai Tesla’s last laboratory, located in Long Island, NY, was almost demolished. Then, a crowd-funding effort saved the historic site. Recently, the Tesla Science Center team contacted Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, to help capture a digital twin of the lab in an effort to restore the site. The Leica BLK360 was used to preserve architectural data so the team could maintain the integrity of the building. 

New Leica Geosystems compatibility options for Caterpillar NGH excavators 

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, now offers new options for excavator users to integrate 3D machine control solutions with Cat Assist features in Caterpillar’s Next Gen Hydraulic (NGH) machines. The new compatibility enables civil contractors with enhanced interoperability and more straightforward installation for upgraded workflows. 

Czech Railway Administration selects Hexagon’s technology 

Ness Czech, a leading Czech system integrator and supplier of IT solutions, will provide the Czech Railway Administration with the Digital Technical Railway Map (DTRM). The map is a product of the Technical Map Information System (ISTEM), which was built by Hexagon and Ness, and will offer the Railway Administration precise and relevant data to maximise its network and create a national operational map in 2024. 

Eva Carranza appointed Head of Sustainability; Tom Hull joins as Head of Investor Relations; Madlen Nicolaus is our new Chief Marketing Officer

Hexagon announced several executive leadership changes last quarter. Eva Carranza was announced as the company’s new Head of Sustainability. She previously served as Global Director ESG & Sustainability for Hexagon’s Geosystems division. Tom Hull joined Hexagon as Head of Investor Relations, bringing over fifteen years of experience in U.S. and European markets. Madlen Nicolaus was appointed Chief Marketing Officer after leading enterprise and consumer teams at high-profile tech companies like SAP, Salesforce and Kodak. 

Hexagon publishes 2022 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

Hexagon’s 2022 Annual Report and Sustainability Report both feature exciting information on the company’s successful year. Read messages from leadership, financials, current growth trends and more, along with the state of the planet’s sustainability and our acceleration goals. You can also download the company’s brand-new corporate brochure here. 

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