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Planting the Seeds of Progress in Agriculture

Is there any real progress happening in farming?”

It’s a question people ask me when they hear about the work I’m involved in here at Hexagon Agriculture. From their vantage point— perhaps driving by a farm and seeing workers in the fields or tractors dragging a plow— they may conclude that little has changed in agriculture.

Their point of view, of course, lacks the whole story of what is happening within the industry. If they could see the big picture, they may be surprised to learn that the most important crop being harvested from today’s farms is data. They might learn that there are more than birds are flying over those fields— there are drones and satellites overhead, feeding critical information about crops, and providing positioning guidance to a vast fleet of tractors, whose movements are being choreographed by advanced analytics.

My unequivocal answer to questions about progress is this: enormous progress is happening. At Hexagon Agriculture, we have the perfect blend of advanced information technologies and passionate, skilled people—a mix that is enabling us to create solutions that address the real problems that farmers, enterprise farmers and agriculture equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are facing all over the world, allowing them to move forward in a sustainable way.

Hexagon Agriculture is creating a new framework for the industry by rationalizing once disparate and siloed processes into efficient connected workflows. It’s not just about using more or less resources; it is about using the resources available in a smarter way.

The shape of progress

Today, from planting to harvest, we are witnessing a farming revolution triggered by the adoption of new technologies that were unthinkable just a decade ago: satellites, high-precision positioning systems, smart sensors, big data and a range of IT applications combined with a deep understanding of the farming business and workflows.

At Hexagon Agriculture, the challenges and constraints that confront the agriculture industry represent a unique opportunity. The entire team is focused on developing a feedback loop that connects and intelligently informs every phase of farming, creating a virtuous cycle of efficiency and productivity that enables farmers to feed a hungry world, and empowers the agriculture industry harvest its full potential.

This is the shape of progress. This is shaping smart change.