Moving towards sustainability, one autonomous step at a time

HxGN LIVE Global’s Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit will explore how safe autonomy is essential to achieving sustainability across industries like agriculture, mining and more.

At Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division we consider sustainability from multiple perspectives, including what we can do to operate more sustainably and how positioning technologies enable autonomous and sustainable solutions.

We recognise that precise positioning technology has vast potential for positive environmental and social impact. With highly accurate, assured positioning as a foundational technology for autonomous mobility, the opportunities for sustainable development expand in countless directions.

Sustainability is within reach through the optimised use of resources. Take agriculture, for example: the image below shows how farmers can better manage environmental and financial costs through precise seed and fertilizer application. This precision is possible through satellite positioning technologies enabling autonomous mobility.

Gif depicting the impact autonomy has on sustainability in agriculture

Assured positioning – positioning that is reliable, accurate and resilient – empowers farmers to reduce chemical inputs and emissions while maximising yield. We can realise that optimisation through autonomous technologies.

Autonomy, ultimately, means decreasing the opportunity for human error. Automation, and eventually full autonomy, enables fuel efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We see this in action through autonomous road train haulage trucks in mining.

In mining, extracting ore from remote areas and transporting materials to processing is an ongoing challenge. When this haulage is completed with an autonomous road train solution, we optimise transport routes to reduce emissions, minimise environmental impacts related to labour travel and short-term housing, increase payloads and streamline production of overall mining operations, as seen in Hexagon’s partnership with Mineral Resources Ltd.

Agriculture and mining are two industries where autonomous technologies are empowering sustainability efforts. Assured positioning lays the foundation for safe autonomy and a sustainable future.

To get to this future, we rely on assured positioning. During HxGN LIVE Global’s Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit, sessions will detail how to obtain reliable, accurate and robust positioning, achieve safe autonomy through this positioning, and reinvigorate sustainability efforts.

Two summit sessions highlighting the role of autonomy and positioning in sustainability include core autonomy segment director Lee Baldwin’s presentation, “Increasing mining efficiency and safety by using autonomous platooning in challenging off-road mining scenarios,” and agriculture autonomy product manager James Szabo’s presentation, “The roadmap with no roads – achieving autonomy in agriculture.”

Join us at HxGN LIVE Global 2022 in June to hear these educational presentations and learn more about leveraging technology to reach a sustainable future. Explore the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit programme here.

Matt Buedel

Matt Buedel is a Corporate Communications Associate in Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division where he focuses on internal channels sharing information about company strategy and performance. Matt originally joined Hexagon in a technical writing and marketing communications role, extending his 20 years of journalism experience into a high-tech industry with vast potential to affect positive change in society and the natural world.