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Where Digitisation Meets Transformation

INTERGEO, the world‘s largest trade fair in the field of geodesy, spatial data and land management, is this week, 11-13 October in Hamburg, Germany. Hexagon will once again be a part of this landmark event that covers the entire spectrum of processing, using and analysing geodata.

Digitisation, which touches upon all areas of our society, will once again be a key topic. At the heart of digitisation is data sharing, which inevitably leads to the argument of more vs. less.

The conundrum of more vs. less

Sometimes we don’t have enough data to put things into context. Sometimes all we have is data and lots of it, but it lacks meaning and relevance, so we’re not really sure what conclusions to draw from it.

We’ve all encountered this conundrum. We hire experts in both camps to advise us on how to take advantage of data to achieve greater productivity, better efficiency and the all-mighty higher profit.

In the ‘more’ camp, data is an inexhaustible resource. The more of it you have, the more you can see. And the bigger the picture, the greater the chances of informed decision making.

Yet, with too much data, we become overwhelmed. We enter into decision paralysis, and all the objectives we hired experts to help us achieve grind to a halt.

In the ‘less’ camp, data is simply a means to an end. Targeted and relevant to the answers we seek.

But with too little data, we miss essential details. We fail to prepare for all possibilities, taking on a much greater risk of wrong decisions.

So which is it? We build a bridge and we connect.

No more, no less – connected

More data or less data isn’t the question – connecting both big and small data is.

Consider that our first-generation laser scanning technology could only capture 800 points per second. Today, our latest reality capture technologies can capture 1 million points per second. That much more detail gives today’s professional a larger yet clearer picture of any project.

But still, we must zero in on specifics. Take our latest cloud-based solution for construction. It captures every minute detail on a construction site, turning those 1 million points into a progressive digital record of ground-up development. It then streamlines what’s captured to deliver what’s most important to every worker and decision maker involved in the site. Which means site progress and quality of work can be monitored closely and, more important, prompt course corrections when things don’t go as planned.

This is what we refer to as the feedback loop – a connected loop of free-flowing data and relevant information – that not only provides the big picture, but the complete picture … the whole story.

The whole story exposed

Doing the same thing as before, just better, is good, but rarely transformative.

By connecting all data – big, small, meaningful and relevant – into a digestible format aligned to processes and workflows, the whole story can be exposed. The whole story of a project. The whole story of a business. The whole story of an industry.

The whole story enables big changes. It favors leaps over gradual improvements. With the whole story, boundaries, borders and complexity can disappear. Automation can take centre stage. Information can flow freely. Autonomous, intelligent machines and systems can act independently of human control.

Digitisation is evolutionary. Digital transformation is revolutionary.  Here, the user, not the technology, is king.

Join us at INTERGEO, where we’ll shine a spotlight on our reality-capture technologies and solutions that are working to drive revolutionary change across the geospatial industry.

Helping organisations navigate through their digital transformation – that’s shaping smart change.

Ola Rollén

Ola Rollén has served as the President and CEO of Hexagon, as well as a member of its Board of Directors, since 2000. As President and CEO, Rollén is responsible for driving the company’s growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions that continue to transform Hexagon into a leading global provider of information technologies. Prior to joining Hexagon, Rollén held the positions of President of Sandvik Materials Technology, Executive Vice President of Avesta-Sheffield and President of Kanthal. He also previously served as a board member of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Rollén holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.