HxGN LIVE Global 2023: An exploration of the technology with Hexagon’s CTO

Key takeaways

  • HxGN LIVE Global 2023 offered an immersive tech experience, with its centrepiece, The Zone, showcasing innovative digital solutions across eight distinct summits
  • The Zone exhibited Hexagon’s latest tech, including advancements in defense, industrial facilities, construction, safety and security, manufacturing and mining
  • The technology conference revealed the future of digital solutions, with key innovations like Nexus — a cloud-based digital reality platform for manufacturing — and the debut of Leica CountryMapper, a unique airborne hybrid sensor

As HxGN LIVE Global 2023 unfolded, attendees and the tech community were actively engaged and experienced first-hand the latest advancements in digital solutions. A high point of the conference was The Zone, an expo hall where cutting-edge technology, such as Hexagon’s Tech Highlights, was more than just displayed — it was brought to life.

The Zone was unveiled through a virtual tour guided by Hexagon’s Chief Technology Officer, Burkhard Boeckem. With his expert insights, attendees were taken on a detailed journey through The Zone’s eight distinct summit islands. Each island spotlighted Hexagon’s dynamic offerings in diverse domains such as smart digital factories, mines, integrated emergency management, infrastructure and construction.

It all started at the Innovation Hub, where Hexagon’s cutting-edge solutions came to life. Launched at HxGN LIVE Global, Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR, automates registration and meshing so users can easily create virtual tours, collaborate in real-time and securely store and share their reality capture data.

For Digital Industrial Facilities, Hexagon was proud to present two new updates to HxGN EAM. The inclusion of the Python framework allows users to automate tasks, extend functionality and develop custom functions for efficient EAM solutions. The new Root Cause Analysis feature also empowers industrial facilities to investigate critical failures and implement corrective action quickly and efficiently.

iConstruct, an innovative technology that integrates advanced BIM technology to enhance safety, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, was also showcased in the Digital Industrial Facilities area. With its Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and workface planning solutions, iConstruct boosts team productivity and collaboration.

At Digital Innovation in Construction, Hexagon showcased REVEAL by AGTEK and HxGN AEC Project Viewer. REVEAL by AGTEK employs artificial intelligence to classify objects logically using data from drones or laser scanners. HxGN AEC Project Viewer, a BIM-based software, supports model, programme and document management processes, improving construction project management.

Pure Surveying was where top-of-the-line sensor technology met powerful software to transform the surveying industry. Here simplicity, automation and intelligence came together in the Leica Pegasus TRK100, a lightweight and easy-to-use mobile mapping system that only takes one person to operate.

At Future of Manufacturing, we saw Nexus, a cloud-based digital reality platform that promotes real-time collaboration using a data-centric approach. Nexus, coupled with the virtual demo of PRESTO, a game-changer for 3D scanning workflows, propels manufacturing into the autonomous future.

Intelligent Mining displayed unique solutions for safer, more productive and sustainable mining, including HxGN Autonomous Mining and HxGN Underground Mining solutions.

For Geospatial Asset Management, the focus was on HxGN NetWorks, which uses digital twins of physical networks and assets to optimise every phase of the asset management lifecycle. Adding to the excitement was the debut of the Leica CountryMapper, the world’s first airborne hybrid sensor for large-area data collection.

Safety took the spotlight at the Future of Public Safety with Qognify VMS, Hexagon’s physical security software. It presents an integrated video monitoring solution for job sites using video analytics and cloud technology.

Finally, the Digital Defense sector shone with new tech solutions to boost situational awareness for defense organisations. On display was LuciadCPillar for Android, a platform for mobile applications supporting dismounted soldiers in the field.

Through displays of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, this year’s technology conference not only revealed what was possible but also what was already being achieved. The Zone at HxGN LIVE Global 2023 provided a glimpse into the future of the industry, leaving attendees enlightened, invigorated and eager for what’s next in the world of digital solutions.