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Geospatial Keynote: A Fearless Experience of Change (TV600)

Your experience is shaped by the known and unknown changes you encounter daily. While each of us is unique, we often have shared experiences and have to work together to make sense of unpredictable, dynamic situations. Some of these experiences initially may be surprising or even daunting, causing trepidation.

We believe interactions with change – whether they are in your area of interest or in technology itself – should be simple, positive and impactful. In this keynote, Mladen Stojic, president of Hexagon Geospatial, showcases how Hexagon Geospatial is helping make sense of our dynamically changing world. Stojic addresses how we are working to simplify your geospatial experience, honing targeted workflows and introducing new content sources to ultimately provide you the answers you need when it matters most.

By blending technology from SaaS-based geospatial solutions to 360-degree analytics to cloud-based UAV workflows, we will highlight key areas of innovation. Our story is your story, so we also will showcase unique experiences from around the world, highlighting how customers and partners are bravely embracing new opportunities to truly change the game. We aim to provide you the confidence needed to fearlessly experience change, injecting a hope that we can transform the geospatial industry as we embark on a new paradigm.