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Why Shape Matters to Hexagon (TV100)

The world we live in is more dynamic and complex than ever before. Challenges and opportunities are taking shape and changing constantly. It is Hexagon’s firm belief that there is no status quo, that innovation is a constant. By adapting and adopting new technologies, we can create new business models, value and revenue streams. Mankind’s ingenuity is our single inexhaustible resource – one that will enable us to shape smart change, no matter what challenges we face.
Think about it. Someone had to envision the evolution of flight – from the first flying machine to the jet airliner to the advent of drones. Was Einstein right? Is imagination more important than knowledge when it comes to reinventing our future?
In this keynote, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén addresses the role information technologies play in fuelling imagination and transforming opportunities into action. Rollén will demonstrate the synergy of Hexagon’s portfolio, how it is empowering business and industry to discover, answer, refine and, ultimately, innovate. Following Rollén, Li Hongquan, Vice President of Hexagon and President of Hexagon China, shares a first-hand account of how Hexagon is helping unleash innovation and shape change in China, enabling local enterprises to rise to the challenge of developing creative business models and products for the global market.
Shape matters. The shape of change, the shape of progress and the shape of things to come. Your big idea is closer than you think. Let’s shape smart change together.