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HxGN Live 2014 Geospatial Keynote: Make Sense of the Dynamically Changing World (TV600)

Our world is an intricate spectrum of ever-changing forces. Join President Mladen Stojic as he shares the mission, vision, and strategy for how next-generation geospatial technology can help you address those shifts and make meaning out of change. Stojic’s presentation will demonstrate how dynamic challenges drive Hexagon Geospatial in our quest to create powerful, cohesive, and user-driven software. Thought leaders among Hexagon Geospatial’s leadership team and strategic partners join Stojic to lay the groundwork for your week of learning, experiencing, and connecting. Come and be energized as Stojic gives you an overview of the agenda, including an invigorating snapshot of exciting updates and new solutions built upon the Geospatial 2014 release. Experience how our expanded mobile, big data and analytics further support synchronizing technologies across product lines, making it easier to meet new challenges. See how emerging technology can help you embrace possibilities as opportunities, and how Hexagon Geospatial can help you to reshape the future.