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Hexagon’s News Mash-up (March 2021)

Hexagon’s innovative solutions have redefined the unique impact that technology can have on our industries, sustainability practices and communities around the world.

In this episode of Hexagon’s News Mash-up, we bring together stories that are focused on innovative technology that will have a lasting impact on our world, from Covid-19 simulations to the successful testing of an autonomous taxi and the launch of a new sustainability venture.

0:18 Introducing R-evolution: A sustainable journey unlike any other

1:41 Driving ahead: On the road with a self-driving taxi in Tokyo

2:00 Capturing a masterpiece: 3D technology replicates the most famous sculpture in the world

2:28 The future is fusion: Demonstrating a new sustainable energy source

2:58 Deep space exploration: Simulation software supports Mars landing

3:20 Plugging into better connection: New networks support soaring internet needs

3:47 A safe distance: The importance of ventilation in social gatherings

4:14 Where to go and when: Buying essential supplies during the pandemic

4:40 Technology through a new lens: Building a smarter future with OxBlue