Hexagon Headlines: 6 of the latest unmissable stories

Like the sides of a hexagon, our team is continuously moving in many directions with one fundamental goal: to empower our customers – operating in more than 27 industries – with the freedom to deliver a sustainable, autonomous future. 

As businesses and professionals keep innovating around the world, there are so many exciting stories happening in each of Hexagon’s ecosystems.  

Here are six of the latest stories to unpack from the past two weeks: 

     1. Delivering agility and innovation to digital engineering & manufacturing. 

The future of manufacturing begins this month with the power of Nexus. Manufacturers will be able to connect people, technologies and data like never before with Hexagon’s new open platform. An official virtual launch is scheduled for 23 February. Register to attend here. 

     2. Partnering with Fujitsu to build digital twins of complex cities. 

Dive into an insightful conversation between Cathy McCann, Vice President, Head of Trusted Society from Fujitsu, and Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, Director of Government and Transporation from Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. They discuss city and emergency planning, autonomous system, sustainability and more. Listen on HxGN Radio here. 

     3. Developing mobile applications for dismounted soldiers in the field. 

Mobile developers in the defence ecosystem can now build with desktop, in-vehicle and browser application capabilities for Android platforms. Developers will use LuciadCPillar to create mobile apps for dismounted soldiers in the field, allowing 2D/3D views, military symbology and support for many geospatial data types. Learn more about the LuciadCPillar platform. 

     4. Advancing manufacturing technology through start-up innovation. 

Awarding Hexagon’s support for manufacturing industry start-ups, GelSight wins the coveted Sixth Sense open innovation cohort competition. The company’s high-resolution elastomeric tactile sensor technology conforms ‘like human skin’ to the shape of an object on contact, capturing the topography of any material’s surface with greater accuracy than typical manual practices today. As an open innovation platform, Sixth Sense nurtures start-ups creating solutions to support the growing demand for disruptive innovation in manufacturing. Find out more about GelSight and learn about future Sixth Sense cohorts here. 

     5. Providing greater safety to the world by leading in alarm management. 

In its annual market research study, ARC Advisory Group named Hexagon as the worldwide leader in supplying alarm management software and services. The study found Hexagon is the biggest and fastest-growing alarm management software provider, with a larger market share than the next three competitors combined. Read more about ARC Advisory Group here. 

     6. Signaling the future of full autonomy, Next Level Awards selects Hexagon’s Leica BLK2Fly as one of 10 finalists. 

CONEXPO-CON/AGG and the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE) announced the BLK2FLY as one of its top 10 finalists in the inaugural Next Level Awards programme. The awards recognise companies pushing the boundaries with next-level tech products in construction. The BLK2FLY continues to turn heads because of its fully-autonomous capabilities – it was also named as one of TIME’s Best 200 Inventions of 2022. See the BLK2FLY in action here. 


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