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Geosystems Track Keynote – Digitalising Industries

When an organisation digitises, it becomes more efficient in how it produces, shares and evaluates data. When it digitalises, though, it undergoes a transformation to become a connected ecosystem. As our world changes, from growing populations and increased urbanisation to creating smarter cities, the need for digitalisation grows across industries. Surveyors can now capture entire sites quicker in 3D while attracting the next generation to the classic profession with modern immersive applications. Construction professionals can become more productive, even in the current environment of constrained workforces and rising demands for services, with information to easily plan, execute and manage any project. Public safety officials can help keep citizens safer with pre-event planning and post-disaster recovery aided by the latest technologies. Join Geosystems’ segment managers Andrew Hurley, Matt Wheelis and Chuck Coiner as they explore trends, best practices and future outlooks across the Surveying and Infrastructure, Building Construction, and Public Safety industries worldwide. With insightful commentary and real-world case studies, this is the keynote to attend.



Andrew Hurley, Geosystems, Chief Commercial Director US/Canada/MEX/ANZ