Exploring the Leica DISTO™ X3, X4 & Lino series

Need a way to simplify time-consuming measurement and alignment tasks? Searching for equipment that can withstand punishing construction environments? Look no more! The all-new Leica DISTOTM and Lino Series is your solution, combining innovative Hexagon technologies with a rugged, site-proof design.

Each of these handheld laser distance meters are specially designed to perform complex tasks where dirt, distance, and poor visibility can impede your work. Individual products supplement each other, directly addressing the needs of your worksite, so you get accurate results with the greatest efficiency.

Intrigued? Read on!

Leica DISTO X3 and X4

Leica DISTO X3 and X4 dramatically improve the process of taking point-to-point measurements. The Leica DISTO uses laser technology to measure distances easily and precisely. Check it out!

The Leica DISTO X3 is optimised for indoor use, whereas the Leica DIST X4 solves the challenge of limited outdoor laser-point visibility over long distances. Its Pointfinder camera enables precise targeting and measuring of distant objects, even in bright sunlight!

The Leica DISTO X-Range is perfect for tough construction site conditions. It’s drop-tested up to two meters in height, water jet-protected, and dust-tight. This means both the Leica DISTO X3 and X4 can be cleaned under running water. What could be easier?

Leica DISTO Plan App

The new DISTO Plan app assists with the vital tasks of easily documenting and visualising all measurements.

The incredibly simple interface lets you quickly sketch a floorplan on a smartphone or tablet using a finger, measure with a DISTO device, and assign the corresponding measurements to each line of the sketch. The lines are then adjusted with the ‘auto-scale’ function, and the result is a scaled, CAD-ready plan. Watch this time-saving device in action!

A newly integrated sensor in the Leica DISTO X3 and X4 makes creating a floorplan even easier. The unique Smart Room functionality makes it possible to create accurate floor plans simply by taking clockwise or counter-clockwise measurements of a room, as you can see here.

In combination with the DST 360 adapter or the DISTO S910, the app gives you 3D measurement functionality. You can export all measurements and floorplans as CAD drawings or in PDF format. Plus, the app supports all Leica DISTO devices with Bluetooth® functionality. Overall, it increases the speed of creating floorplans, reduces costly documentation error, and simplifies digital measurement.

Leica Lino Series

The new, self-levelling Leica Lino cross-line and point laser combines decades of knowledge and experience in the fields of optics and electronics. Watch how it delivers outstanding laser visibility!

New green laser diodes used in the Leica Lino L2G and L2P5G are up to four times more visible to the human eye and produce crisper, brighter, and clearer laser lines and points – over longer distances! This extends the working range and increases laser visibility, even in bright lighting.

These cross-line and point lasers can be operated with rechargeable Li-ion or alkaline batteries, or connected directly to the power supply. This lets you work continuously on-site, and ensures an uninterrupted workflow.

The new Leica Lino lasers easily connect to the precision-made adapters using strong magnets. This makes precise, quick set-up and positioning possible. The new TWIST adapters can be attached to edges and profiles or fixed to tubes and rails. The setting wheel on the magnetic Leica UAL 130 wall bracket lets you take precise height adjustments. It’s flexible and easily adapts to different construction site tasks. Take a look!

As you can see, our DISTOTM and Lino products are the tools to reach for when the job must be done right! Ready to try one?  Find out more.

Johannes Hotz

Johannes Hotz is Business Director of the Disto Division at Leica Geosystems, the industry leader in measurement and information technologies. In this role, he is responsible for product management, project management, and marketing. After graduating from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in geodesy, he worked as a surveyor in Karlsruhe, where he focused on building construction and utility surveys. He then joined Leica Geosystems in Switzerland, where he served as an application engineer and then project manager. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed various product lines, business partnerships, product launches, and other key initiatives. Hotz is married, has two children, and is an enthusiastic youth football coach.