Empowering technology: How industry leaders see the future first

Professionals in manufacturing, infrastructure, mining and many ecosystems gain a competitive edge when they receive exclusive, advanced looks at upcoming tech trends and products. A key differentiator of the HxGN LIVE Global digital reality technology conference is the innovation hub, also known as The Zone. More than an exhibit hall — The Zone provides access to new, emerging technology to empower an autonomous, sustainable future.

The Zone at HxGN LIVE Global gives business leaders insights into technology innovation and the future of digital transformation. Plus, it provides an opportunity to preview products in development and experience new product launches first-hand.

The Zone showcases the latest software, sensors and autonomous solutions through hands-on learning and immersive demonstrations. Each of The Zone’s sectioned “islands” tells a unique story about how data, autonomy and digital realities drive sustainability and tech innovation forward for each summit and industry.

Here are some of the top innovations from 2022.

The BLK Series 

The BLK product series by Hexagon’s Leica Geosystems took centre stage at HxGN LIVE Global 2022. The new and improved BLK360 still retains the “world’s smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner” title.

Attendees also experienced the portable BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner and the BLK2FLY autonomous flying laser scanner that uses sensor fusion of LiDAR, radar, cameras and GNSS to capture reality from the sky. Possibly the most talked-about innovation of the conference was the BLK ARC autonomous laser scanning module for robots: Mounted on Spot, a robot dog from Boston Dynamics, it made an impressive entrance as it joined Boeckem on stage during his keynote.


At the HxDR demonstration, attendees caught a glimpse of a future where the groundbreaking platform transforms the way multiple industry leaders work with and perceive 3D spatial data. Creating accurate and visually stunning real-world context, HxDR supports numerous applications. Think of architects sharing 3D building designs with project stakeholders; media and entertainment professionals remotely scouting locations to streamline production workflows; and city officials utilising HxDR in their smart city platforms for urban planning and development.

RTK From the Sky technology 

Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is one method of correcting satellite-based positioning to achieve higher accuracy from your GNSS receiver; however, traditional methods struggle to balance accuracy with convergence speed. New RTK From the Sky technology enables centimetre-level accuracy worldwide in as fast as three minutes. Hexagon has begun integrating this technology across its corrections portfolio, including TerraStar-C PRO and Oceanix, for rapid convergence for diverse applications like precise agriculture, marine, UAV and robotics. RTK From the Sky is an industry-changer for speed, accuracy, availability and reliability.


One of the conference’s most significant product announcements was Nexus, a new digital reality platform for manufacturers. In The Zone, technology experts from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division previewed how the platform incorporates Microsoft collaboration technology to connect people throughout the product lifecycle. Manufacturers attending last year’s conference received an exclusive first look nearly a year before the open, cloud-based platform launched. Nexus is now launched and empowering makers with the freedom to innovate, enabling faster work, better collaboration and more robust solutions.

Power of One 

For experts in the field of mining, the Power of One offers an impressive array of advanced technology solutions digitising mining workflows. Allowing complete visibility and scalability for safer, more productive and more sustainable mining, the Power of One encapsulates having integrated solutions from one partner for the life of your mine across exploration, planning, drill and blast, material movement, safety and mine monitoring.

What will be the top innovation on display at The Zone at HxGN LIVE Global 2023? Register today to tour this year’s islands:

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