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Governments use data for decision making and to monitor policy implementations. With the drive to create smarter nations through Smart Cities initiatives, it is imperative for policy makers, managers and executors alike to make data-driven decisions.

Visualising data is becoming more and more important. Imagine a solution that would combine statistics and business intelligence into a visual dashboard while correlating with location data. This ultramodern solution is Hexagon Smart M.App® and is being implemented by us, IMAGEM, premium partner of Hexagon Geospatial in the Benelux region.

Municipalities in the Netherlands are already adopting our solutions. As data translators, we provide the capabilities to convert data and information into real-time visual intelligence. Multi-platform dashboard views, connected through the cloud, enable users to stay connected anytime and anywhere, gaining knowledge for better decision making. This process is referred to as data-driven decision making.

We notice citizens becoming more and more involved in government initiatives, collaborating on projects to make cities smarter. These ‘citizen scientists’ can view and analyse data that actually affect their daily lives and contribute information to the local and regional government. Our dashboard provides the perfect platform for citizens and government alike to not only create a common operational picture but also communicate intelligence.

As a simple example of one of our projects, the municipality of Nijmegen, in alliance with Radboud University, has implemented an environmental project that allows city-officials and citizens alike to measure air-pollution and noise levels. All data from outdoor sensors is visualised on the Smart Emission dashboard provided by us. The results of the measurements allow for fast decision-making and smart choices on a more personal level for citizens, thus improving living quality in the neighbourhood.

The real-time data analysis shows accurate levels of emissions in the city and is not just used to monitor daily life but special events too. The dashboard is touted to monitor noise levels around the city-stadium that is gearing up to host a concert from singer Robbie Williams in July this year.

This project infuses simplistic high-end technology into daily lives of citizens, and so has won second place in Hexagon Geospatial’s IGNITE competition. These eco-friendly efforts by the city of Nijmegen have resulted with being appointed to be the Green Capital of Europe in 2018.

Our dynamic dashboards are providing reliable, up-to-date information to create new insights for spatial issues, thereby creating a solid base for data-driven decision making for policy makers and implementers – now that’s shaping smart change.


Wouter Brokx

Wouter Brokx is founder and CEO at IMAGEM. He heads the company leadership team for strategic growth initiatives. In addition, Wouter is responsible for the company’s international division. Before he co-founded the company in 2003, Wouter worked for the Dutch Space Agency NLR. He has a master’s degree in Geology and lives in the Netherlands.