Hexagon’s Xalt technology platform: Powering innovation at scale

Data is an indispensable resource for fostering new value creation and knowledge. Putting data to work improves efficiency, productivity, quality and safety — the antidotes to waste, pollution, diminishing margins and increased risk. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of data is utilised.

Xalt is Hexagon’s technology platform that enables Hexagon’s solutions to work seamlessly together, leveraging all relevant data and delivering mission critical intelligence at scale. It enables essential lines of communications between data, teams and technologies — working behind the scenes to deliver actionable data, in the right context, to drive autonomy, collaboration and efficiency. Xalt’s goal is to cut through complexity bringing focus and insight so innovators can deliver new ideas at speed; ultimately powering smart, scalable solutions and fusing data across the physical and digital worlds.

Xalt-empowered solutions in action

Xalt scales and accelerates innovation through applied artificial intelligence; IOT-empowered sensors; enterprise-ready web- and mobile applications; and data integrations across systems and solutions. The benefit is seamless connectivity anywhere in the network, across physical boundaries—including the Edge.

By empowering Hexagon’s solutions to do more, Xalt is enabling customers to future-proof their technology and accelerating Hexagon’s mission to empower an autonomous, sustainable future.

From flying laser scanners to reality capture on robotic carriers, Leica BLK autonomy (BLK ARC and BLK2FLY) provides users with greater freedom to capture the world. Used by multiple industries worldwide, it creates accurate illustrations of places, buildings, terrains without the need for human workforces on the ground

From there, BLK2GO, BLK ARC, and BLK2FLY upload the data they capture automatically to HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud storage, collaboration, and visualization platform where users can view and share data with colleagues all around the world.

Xalt enables connectivity between the autonomous fleet and Hexagon’s Digital Reality platform at the touch of one button. Users can view information across physical and digital boundaries, all accessible in one central place.

Stay tuned for more technology spotlights on how Xalt empowers Hexagon’s solutions!