Women in Tech Series: Securing customer success and satisfaction in tech

Hexagon is proud of the many women leading the way in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. In the Women in Tech blog series, we highlight a few of the women at Hexagon who are accelerating tech innovation, digitalisation, autonomy and sustainability worldwide.  

Customer education is vital for any business — especially for technology customers who need to understand how a product works and how it will suit their needs. Sales managers and customer success representatives must thoroughly know the technology to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. 

In this edition of our Women in Tech series, we’re sharing the stories of six women who are committed to delivering solutions that enable Hexagon’s customers to meet their business objectives.

Nancy McCallum, Executive Director, Contract Lifecycle Sales, Canada 

nancy mccallum

While attending college, McCallum worked on seismic line crews in Alberta, Canada. “I became the first female line driver and troubleshooter for my crew,” she said. “This role on the seismic line crew laid the foundation for my future with how women are addressed in roles.” 

“Two sales directors believed in me and pushed me to do more. They inspired me to sell and move into sales,” she said. “As I continued to grow, I wanted to help elevate women around me. I wanted them to believe in themselves and use their voices,” she said. “If you know me, I have probably told you ‘Speak up!’ at some point.” 

McCallum believes holding a long tenure at Hexagon makes it her duty to help others. “I want to lend support to others who need it, teach folks what I have learned and help colleagues rise to the career aspirations they desire,” she said. She now leads corporate culture within ALI’s Women’s Network for the Americas. “I hope my legacy will be that I helped others, especially women, achieve their career goals.” 

Rachel Yee, Director, Pre-Sales, APAC

rachel yee

Raised in a small town in Malaysia, Yee attended a university 200km away from home to earn her computer science degree. After she graduated, she went back to her hometown and got her first job in SapuraKenana Petroleum Berhad, now called Sapura Energy Berhad — one of the largest EPC companies in Malaysia. “I was based in the fabrication yard and lucky enough to work in different departments and with amazing teams from different countries,” she said. 

Yee was a natural fit for the leadership role at Hexagon. She has inspiring energy and personality that helps her in creating a mutual respect environment and an engaged workplace. “My role is to build a team of experienced industry consultants and SMEs who work well together to achieve the best strategic outcomes for the customers and our company,” she said. “We establish thought leadership, demonstrate competency and expertise, provide business value-driven plans and showcase continuous interest for the customers’ success.” 

Yee emphasizes the need to ensure diversity and inclusion in every conversation and decision making in an organization. She encourages every woman to be courageous, take risks and have a growth mindset. “We must build our confidence in whatever we do,” she said. “Always believe in yourself and reach for opportunities. Finding people who can sponsor and advocate for you, at the same time keep an open mind to continuously learn.” 

Jerilee Mangampat, Senior Implementation Analyst, Engineering Services Team, APAC 

jerilee mangampat

After graduating with a degree in civil engineering in 2004, Mangampat spent eight years in piping divisions for major EPC firms. She flourished at companies like Fluor in Manila and Shanghai, and Toyo Engineering and Wood in Kuala Lumpur, with roles ranging from piping designer to discipline applications specialist and engineer. In 2014, she joined Intergraph Singapore as an applications engineer. 

“My journey in a highly male-dominated industry has been a challenging and fulfilling experience,” she said. “It often pushes me out of my comfort zone, which has developed my grit and character.”  

She now assists and educates colleagues and customers. “Even with today’s modern technology, I believe we are in the business of ‘people helping people’, and we need to build each other up to succeed,” she said. 

As a mother of three, she believes having a career and aspirations is possible with a supportive work environment. “Nothing should hinder you from having and doing both,” she said. “Doing meaningful work and making an impact is achievable while having a rich personal life, too.” 

Evy Susanti, Technical Manager, Materials, Fabrication and Construction, Hexagon’s ALI division

Evy Susanti

Susanti ensures the efficient delivery of professional services and helps solve customer and team problems. “My role involves helping customers implement Hexagon’s technology, upgrade their processes and create a more sustainable world,” she said. “I use my technical skills to develop my team’s talent, which is essential to Hexagon’s continued success.” She also collaborates with sales, presales, services and customer success teams.  

During her pursuit of a computer science degree, Susanti completed an internship at a technology company located near her university. It was there that she had the opportunity to learn from a seasoned technologist and gain a deeper appreciation for the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the tech industry — fueling her motivation to participate in the field.  

Her motivation and passion have certainly paid off, as Susanti earned Hexagon’s Outstanding Achievement in Customer Excellence Award for her efforts in 2019. 

To increase representation for women and girls in STEM, Susanti said, “The first step is having the right mindset. Many of us are held back by biases and social norms influencing the subjects we study. We need more training and workshops to counter bias in these fields.” 

She encourages young girls to get involved with internships as she did. “It may open up a whole new world of possibilities for you, and you can channel your new interests into a future STEM career.” 

Her advice: “Never be bored, and you will never be boring. STEM is rapidly changing and advancing. So, think big about who you are and what you have to offer.”  

Larissa Gounden, Director of Customer Experience, Hexagon’s Mining division

Larissa Gounden

Gounden was always fascinated with the natural world around her and discovering how things work. Having grown up in South Africa, she was influenced by the country’s long, rich mining history as a leading producer of precious metals, leading her to study geology and environmental science. She now directs customer experience for Hexagon’s Mining division and leads digital transformation, customer success services and sales enablement.  

Her passion for mining led her to help found the Arizona chapter of Women in Mining. “I love being part of this thriving chapter,” she said. “It provides a community for women in mining and technology. I think this was a huge positive career milestone for me, which I’m proud of.” 

Gounden said increasing the number of women and girls in STEM will benefit society. “It will require a multi-faceted approach. We need to provide role models who can offer guidance and increase awareness about STEM opportunities through public campaigns and partnerships with schools and universities,” she said. “It also means providing scholarships and networking events to create more inclusive environments where women and girls feel valued.” 

She encourages women and girls to be confident, explore their interests, speak up, persevere and support other women. She said, “By working together to address the unique challenges women face in these fields, we can ensure they have opportunities to achieve their full potential and contribute to advancing science and technology.” 

Michele Peou, Account Manager, Hexagon’s Mining division, Canada

Michele Peou

Peou supports Hexagon’s mining customers from Newfoundland to BC, and Alaska. “I’m always looking for good solutions for the client and acting as their voice with Hexagon,” she said. She supports customers to help them find the best fit in the mining portfolio, whether MinePlan, MineOperate or MineProtect to maximise safety. 

Her love of technology began with a photograph. “When I was a kid, I saw a picture of Hibernia, an offshore platform,” she said. “I decided then I wanted to be around technology and become an engineer.” Peou had support following her dream from her uncle, a civil engineer. 

Peou became a fibre expert and the North American subject matter expert for specific technologies. During one of her visits to Alaska, she faced a challenging situation with a customer but was able to turn things around by actively listening, sharing her technical knowledge and demonstrating the system’s value. As a result, the client’s contract was expanded, marking a significant milestone in Peou’s sales career. “That experience was the beginning of my journey in sales,” she reflects. 

She tells young women interested in STEM to explore and listen to themselves. “Stay strong, and don’t give up,” she said. “It’s hard, but keep moving forward, asking questions and finding allies.” 


Hexagon believes in diversity and inclusion across all the industries and ecosystems we serve, and the Women in Tech blog series will continue as we keep celebrating our employees and sharing their stories.