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We Can, If.

We’re always busy here at Hexagon. Shaping smart change is demanding work!  But this time of year we are busier than ever as our entire company prepares for HxGN LIVE  in Anaheim, California 13-16 June. I look forward to seeing each of you there, and I feel an extra level of responsibility as we prepare for your HxGN LIVE experience, to make certain we provide the best possible solutions to the problems and constraints you are facing in your business.

Truth be told, we are all in the business of “constraints.” Many of you will pack, along with your suitcase, the challenges you face daily in your business.

Constraints have a bad reputation. By definition, constraints are a negative thing. Their imposition prevents us from acting as we would like to, because it restricts us in some important way. Constraints hold us down, knock us back, make us fail.

However, I believe the opposite can be true. Constraints can be fertile, enabling, even desirable. They are catalytic forces that can stimulate exciting new approaches and possibilities. They can, in fact, make us more than we were, rather than less than we could be.

At Hexagon, we tend to look at constraints as the impetus to our entire strategy. We seek out constraints our customers face in manufacturing, geospatial and engineering landscapes, and we focus our efforts on transforming those constraints into solutions.

We can if …

To embrace constraint demands a certain mindset. Often the mindset I hear is one of “I can’t because …,” which at first seems reasonable:

I can’t because I don’t have enough time.

I can’t because there’s not enough budget.

I can’t because I don’t have the right people.

I can’t because we don’t have the right data.

But what if we were to strike the words “I can’t because” from our vocabulary and replace them with “We can if …”?

That is the approach we are taking at Hexagon. By doing so we change the narrative of our business from one of limitation and impasse, and rewrite it into a narrative of optimism and innovation.

At Hexagon, we are mobilising information technologies to bridge the gap between status quo and possibility. Together with our customers, we are helping connect silos of data, machines and organisations; we are applying “can if” thinking to advanced analytics that are overcoming seemingly impossible constraints, and we are helping to automate processes and predict constraints before they ever appear.

As we prepare for this year’s HxGN LIVE, we encourage you to be sure and bring your constraints with you. And we encourage you to share them with us so that together we can turn them into a stimulus for finding a new idea, a new approach, a better way of doing things, an innovation.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Ola Rollén

Ola Rollén has served as the President and CEO of Hexagon, as well as a member of its Board of Directors, since 2000. As President and CEO, Rollén is responsible for driving the company’s growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions that continue to transform Hexagon into a leading global provider of information technologies. Prior to joining Hexagon, Rollén held the positions of President of Sandvik Materials Technology, Executive Vice President of Avesta-Sheffield and President of Kanthal. He also previously served as a board member of Vestas Wind Systems A/S. Rollén holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.