The top 5 things to see for every summit at HxGN LIVE Global 2022

HxGN LIVE Global is packed with exciting events and informative discussions toward an autonomous, sustainable future. We’ve gathered the highlights so you don’t miss a must-see.

HxGN LIVE Global 2022 kicks off this Monday, 20 June in Las Vegas, with four days of exciting opportunities to discuss, debate and encounter the autonomous future. Our flagship digital reality solutions conference brings together attendees from around the world with industry experts for in-depth discussion and hands-on access to the latest sensor, software, and autonomous technologies. This year promises to be an incredible experience, with both in-person experiences as well as virtual allowing access from anywhere on the globe.

HxGN LIVE Global is divided into seven summits, each focused on a particular sector of Hexagon’s industry expertise. Each summit is packed with training sessions, special keynote presentations and more each day and has its own “island” in The Zone, a technology exposition where the latest solutions from Hexagon and our partners and sponsors will be on display for attendees to experience.

We wish we had space to show you every amazing thing going on at HxGN LIVE Global, but with so much to see and do – more than 800 sessions in all – here are the top 5 must-see events for each summit in 2022:

  • Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit
    • 3000 Orbits: Life Aboard the International Space Station – In his keynote, Canadian astronaut Dr Robert Thirsk shares the technologies making space exploration possible.
    • “Extreme attitude: Unlimited performance” – The world premiere of a short film featuring the extreme testing of GNSS+INS technologies aboard an L39 Albatros jet.
    • “A positioning odyssey” – Another world-premiere short film! Learn how satellite technologies developed and how they provide the key to an autonomous and sustainable future.
    • RTK From the Sky Technology ¬– An interactive demo of Hexagon’s new satellite positioning correction services providing centimetre-level accuracy and 99.999% availability anywhere in the world.
    • Engineers in attendance at the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit can apply for continuing education credit or professional development hours to put towards their Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) licenses thanks to IEEE accreditation of the Autonomy & Positioning Reality Summit!
  • Connected Cities & Services Summit
    • The Connected Cities & Service Summit is offering free hands-on training in more than a dozen skills ending with a hands-on session with the Hexagon Product Sandbox.
    • Beyond Today – Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division President Steven Cost and guests explore how Hexagon solutions can help address today’s challenges while also offering a clear path to a better tomorrow and smarter, more connected cities and nations.
    • Women in Public Safety: Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders – In this panel discussion, female PSAP leaders will discuss their paths to leadership and offer advice and insights to help other women in public safety get on the fast track to management and director-level roles.
    • Moving Toward Sustainable Mobility with Hexagon and Fujitsu –¬ discuss how authorities can track, visualize and analyse the movement of e-scooters, bikes and cars using a solution from Hexagon and Fujitsu.
    • NYC Like Never Before: an AR Experience– Attendees can see New York City up close in augmented reality with access to layers of virtual data for a better understanding of how the right solutions and coordinated capabilities enhance safety, security, optimization and resiliency.


  • Digital Innovation in Construction Summit
    • The Greatest Construction Project in History: Reimagining Construction from the Ground Up – Thomas Harring, President and Josh Weiss, COO of Hexagon’s Geosystems division as they unpack a simple yet powerful approach to digital construction that redefines the way we build.
    • Attendees will be treated to real-world examples of workflow cases using Hexagon solutions from customers who have used them to achieve incredible results on challenging projects.
    • Tuesday 21 June will see a series of panel discussions discussing Hexagon solutions and how they have impacted businesses across their industry, along with thought-provoking conversations about the future of these technologies.
    • In the Zone, attendees can get a hands-on look at the technologies shaping construction including HxDR, Hexagon’s smart, digital reality platform for visualisation and collaboration of reality capture and geospatial data.
    • The summit’s evening event Xchange takes place at the famous French bistro The Bouchon at the Venetian Resort and Hotel. Attendees will enjoy award-winning cuisine and the joy of mingling and networking with colleagues and friends.
  • Future of Manufacturing Summit
    • The day the lights went out on manufacturing: 3 pivotal lessons from manufacturing’s historic disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • The Future of Manufacturing Summit will be offering hands-on training and masterclasses throughout the event.
    • HxGN LIVE Global offers exclusive nightly events for networking and socializing, both conference-wide and for specific summits. The Future of Manufacturing Summit will be enjoying Rox, a night of hit music from the 70s, 80s and 90s with house band Alter Ego.
    • The Future of Manufacturing island in The Zone features a broad range of technology demos including the AS1 with New Abolsute Arm, DESIGNER CAD solution, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 and more.
    • And finally, one thing we can’t quite tell you about yet. Keep an eye on the Zone for an announcement…
  • Intelligent Mining Summit
    • How a fleet management system can reduce greenhouse gas emissions – Sean Perry (Vice-President, MineOperate) Identifies what drives haul-truck emissions and the role of FMS in reducing them.
    • Autonomous mining: Rise of the (driverless) machines – Hexagon’s autonomous mission management system orchestrates autonomous fleet and unmanned mine traffic movements throughout the mine for optimized autonomous haulage.
    • Mining to measure: Ensuring your next blast is smarter than the last – James Dampney (VP, Drill & Blast) shows how Hexagon’s MineMeasure portfolio address the small errors that lead to costly consequences throughout the D&B cycle.
    • Dig This! The Life-of-Mine Experience – Draw upon our newest platform to see how data from connected workflows can maximize the value of productivity, safety and sustainability in an immersive experience in the Zone.
    • Spend more time being a geologist with a new mobile app and streamlined workflow – Demo of HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate, a mobile geological drillhole logging application that simplifies the field data collection process and further streamlines the geology workflow.
  • Pure Surveying Summit
    • Grow Your Business Round Table Discussions – Explore how surveying and engineering business owners and managers are approaching some of today’s most critical business issues.
    • The Wonder of Surveying – Thomas Harring and Craig Martin show how to empower your workforce and inspire the people who will create the wonders of the future.
    • Try out the automated tilt compensation, pole height and TargetID features of the Leica Geosystems AP20 AutoPole for total stations in The Zone throughout the conference. The fastest measurement of each day will win a watch!
    • The Pure Surveying Summit’s evening event Xchange takes place at the famous French bistro The Bouchon at the Venetian Resort and Hotel. Attendees will enjoy award-winning cuisine and the joy of mingling and networking with colleagues and friends.
    • Welcome to the New Reality: Where the metaverse meets business – CTO Burkhard Boeckem showcases Hexagon’s latest smart digital reality innovations that leverage AI, robotics and more.

We can’t wait to share all the exciting content from HxGN LIVE Global 2022 with you over the next week. You can check out free live streamed and on-demand content on HxGN TV throughout the conference, and there’s still time to sign up for the full Virtual Experience!