Three ways to stay in “The Zone” after HxGN LIVE

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? And if so, how’s it coming along?

Let me guess: When you made your resolution, you were inspired, motivated, and couldn’t wait to get started. At the time, the excitement felt like it would never wear off (of course, that could also have been the champagne talking). But then you got back to work, back to everyday life, and back to reality. What you promised yourself is still as important as ever, but it quickly faded into the background. And now, more than a quarter through 2019, it’s probably long forgotten.

HxGN LIVE can be a similar experience. With hundreds of digital solutions across dozens of industries showcased throughout HxGN LIVE, the conference’s 120,000-square-foot expo, you will discover exciting concepts, test drive pioneering technologies and learn about different industry trends.

There’s no question that you’ll be inspired and energised by everything you see in The Zone. At the same time, three days will come and go faster than MySpace or the Nextel Chirp. It’s easy to go to a conference and get caught up in the excitement of what you see, what you do and who you meet, but it’s much more difficult to apply that experience in your day to day work. Here are three ways to make the most of HxGN LIVE and take that energy home with you.

  1. Arrive with a plan

You will be fascinated by the sheer volume of new, cutting-edge technologies you see, and The Zone is most definitely not a museum. Take some time before you arrive to map out what you’d like to see, and how long you might want to spend with each piece of tech. Not sure? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the experts who can tell you how much time to budget, and they’ll likely be more than happy to set up a special demo time so you can be assured their full attention.

  1. Build relationships, not a house of business cards

Focus on making a handful of quality connections instead of trying to see how many people you can meet and how many business cards you can collect. (Who has time to input all that information into their contacts anyway?) Do research beforehand on who you can meet and when. Hexagon representatives can help you facilitate one-on-one private meetings. In addition, HxGN LIVE is an excellent place to build new, unexpected relationships, so it’s also important to build in time to let those connections flourish.

  1. Be a change maker today

We’re in tech, so we like big ideas about what will happen in 2030, 2040 and 2050. But the reality is that we can’t predict the future, and change makers like you will be the difference between what technology can do, and what technology will do.

Are you concerned about how AI will be applied in your industry? Excited about the future of autonomous vehicles? Then get in “The Zone” and learn how you can shape smart change tomorrow with amazing technology that is already here today.

Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins, conference coordinator for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing, plays an integral role in planning Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE programme. She holds a bachelor’s degree in technical communications from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has been with Hexagon Corporate Marketing since 2014.