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Tales of the surveyor: Experiencing the evolution of surveying technology from 1974-2023

With all the technological innovations that expand the scope of how measurement data is recorded and used, it is all too common to overlook the men and women behind the total station, behind the stakeout, layout and design work that not only defines boundaries but makes bridges, tunnels and high-rise buildings possible.
In this new Leica Geosystems podcast, “Tales of the surveyor,” we are bringing surveyors into the spotlight we know they deserve, as the true significance of surveying is best understood through the stories and experiences of surveyors. We want to learn and share with you what makes them so dedicated to what they do – from fieldwork to technology development.
Of course, we will also look at the instrument and software innovations that help shape possibilities for surveyors, but our main focus is exploring the personalities and passions that define the profession and inspire these innovations in the first place.
In today’s episode, three guests with unique perspectives on surveying and the advancement of surveying technology share their stories to connect surveying history with today’s cutting-edge innovations, including one of our most recent and revolutionary, the AP20 AutoPole.
We’ll hear from Shelton Raynor, a veteran land surveyor with over 40 years of experience including dodging trains to mark points on a railway, Richard Ostridge, our Leica Captivate field software director and Hans-Martin Zogg, who is directing the Leica Geosystems surveying total station business. Through their conversation, they provide insight to understand the significance of evolving surveying technology for the profession and the world.
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