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Sixth Sense, open innovation and benefits for startups

Sixth Sense open innovation platform was launched in January 2022 to create a new space for innovative start-ups to work with Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. Since that time, Sixth Sense has received over 120 applications and have spent more than 10 weeks working to explore where their innovation can take them and how to scale their business. In this episode, Milan Kocic, Head of Sixth Sense, discusses the platform, explains why such initiatives are important for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and what they are hoping to achieve long-term.

He is joined by Jan Büchsenschütz, CMO of RIIICO. RIIICO designed a drag-and-drop virtual factory floor, an artificial-intelligence product that creates a true-to-life simulation of a plant with a single 3D scan. This allows teams to collaborate and improve on factory design from anywhere in the world. This has enormous productivity improvement potential, with about 80% of factory improvements currently wallowing in the ideation phase. RIIICO were selected by Sixth Sense as one of the winning startups from a pool of 7 competitors, following an 8-week program to hone their business models and approaches, and concluding with a final presentation to a panel of judges to pitch for the resources to globalize and gain access to Hexagon’s customer base.

The goal in selecting the winners: help the manufacturing industry operate more sustainably and efficiently. 

To learn more, please visit www.sixthsense.hexagon.com.