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Putting Data to Work: Springbok Entertainment

In this episode of “Putting Data to Work”, Brandon Zamel, CEO of Springbok Entertainment, describes how reality capture technologies drive immersive storytelling that can attract audiences in new, more powerful ways.

A mission to be story-focused using emerging technology drives Springbok Entertainment. The 100%, a Springbok-produced series that tells stories of young adults who have gone through cancer treatment, brings audiences into environments they never could have imagined.

The series is designed to put viewers eye-to-eye with each person’s story, using virtual reality as a window into the vulnerability of this experience.

Hexagon’s laser scanning technology uses reality capture to create digital twins of the real world, exact replicas of the things we see and do in our everyday lives. With these tools and technologies, storytellers like Springbok are able to create imaginative worlds that connect with their audiences in deeply personal, intimate ways never before possible.

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