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Putting Data to Work: Apex.AI

In this episode of “Putting Data to Work”, Jan Becker, Founder of Apex.AI, takes us along his journey as a pioneer in autonomous driving technology.

For many, commercialised autonomous vehicles might still seem like a far-off dream. For visionaries like Jan Becker, safe autonomous driving is here, and the future is now. His company, Apex.AI, is leading the effort to ensure autonomous cars are 100% safe to be on the road.

Becker’s transformational journey as an innovator in autonomous driving began “long before it was cool.” He became interested in technology by dismantling and rebuilding the first home computers with his father, and since has become an inventor who is listed on more than 50 patents and patent applications.

With the help of Hexagon’s Smart Autonomous Mobility solutions, Apex.AI is at the forefront of ensuring autonomous driving is safe and reliable, building robust, reliable, safe, secure, and certified software for autonomous mobility systems.

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