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Putting Cloud Technology to the Test

As global energy use increases, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to keep up. Analysts forecast that nearly US$40 trillion in capital investment will be directed into energy projects over the next 20 years to meet consumer demands.

The size, complexity and expense of mega projects require contractors and companies to pool their resources and combine efforts. Outdated project methodologies that may have been suitable for smaller, local projects are no longer effective. Every year, roughly 40 percent of projects fail to meet schedule. Access to information and the ability to share it efficiently between multiple stakeholders are usually cited as major factors for these delays.

Most energy companies do not have the required infrastructure in place to manage the vast amounts of data to which they have access. It’s imperative for them to harness this data in order to automate and optimize future performance and systems, and Cloud technology is the platform they need to achieve this.

Cloud technology had not been tested comprehensively on an active energy project until 2015, when Intergraph conducted a series of tests to establish the viability of its SmartPlant Cloud for use on a US$10 billion global energy project.

We are proud of the results and eager to share them with you. You can read our comprehensive report, “The Intergraph Cloud Stress Test,” here.

Helping pave the way for the energy industry to embrace Cloud technology…that’s shaping smart change.

Kevin Holmes
Intergraph Vice President and Global Director of Cloud Services