Participating in emerging industry trends at HxGN LIVE Global 2022

HxGN LIVE Global showcases unforgettable industry solutions and digital innovations in fabulous Las Vegas. Travis Sachs, an attendee of 2022’s conference, recounts his favorite parts of the experience below.

HxGN LIVE Global continues to prove itself as a great platform to discover emerging trends, collaborate with colleagues and gain exposure to complementary technologies. We are always eager to see the latest offerings and visionary ideas, and 2022 was no exception.   

I am happy to see Hexagon taking a proactive approach to CO2 reduction and utilising the technologies available to help reduce industry’s carbon footprint without sacrificing our financial success.  

The most exciting thing for me is the emerging trend of reality capture integration into Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and more specifically into industrial plant maintenance and facility maintenance. Being from an industrial maintenance background, I have long been an advocate of combining reality capture and EAM process and workflows. The ability to combine a digital twin with CMMS systems, work orders, maintenance manuals, part numbers and ISO drawings will revolutionise the entire way of thinking about maintenance. These innovations will disrupt and evolve our expectations.   

From a safety perspective, the ability to navigate a plant virtually, perform virtual training and even simulate tasks will result in the reduction of countless hours in downtime and costs. Training can be completed virtually in the true-to-scale digital twin, without the need for placing personnel physically in hazardous environments. This data can also be shared globally, expanding the knowledge base and possibilities for collaboration exponentially.   

These are exciting times, and I’m grateful to be exposed to Hexagon and utilise its offerings to be a direct part of these emerging trends. I feel like I have a partner in Hexagon that is aligned with 3DS Technologies’ vision, passion and dedication to continuous innovation and standards of quality. Coupled with the trend towards utilising the technology directly to lower our climate impact, we are excited to forge ahead with Hexagon and help shape the future. 

Travis Sachs

Travis Sachs is the COO of 3DS Technologies, Inc. A licensed millwright by trade, Travis has a long history of project management positions, industrial installations and machinery moving. Along with his on-site experience, Travis’ background includes construction.