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Metrology, Artistry, Craftsmanship: Engineering the Hobie Alter Memorial (TV519)

The Hobie Memorial Foundation was founded in April 2015 to construct a monument to Hobie Alter for a lifetime of contributions to the surfing and sailing industries – not only in Dana Point, California, where it all began – but across the globe. Designed by artist Lance Jost, the memorial will be a life-size bronze sculpture of Hobie sailing his Hobie Cat 14, and it will be located in the city of Dana Point, CA. After teaming up with Robbie Roberson, a lifelong friend and colleague of Hobie’s, Jost soon realised how critical the memorial’s accuracy would be to family, friends and fans of the icon. An artist’s impression would not be enough to honour his legacy. That’s when Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s metrology services came to the rescue. Join the Hobie Memorial Foundation team as they discuss the limitations, efficiency and time constraints of sculpting a memorial of this magnitude by hand, compared to by utilising metrology services. Roberson will provide a background of Hobie Alter and an overview of the art of building a catamaran, while Jost will discuss the process that artists used before this technology was available, known as the Point Up Process. Deployed in the construction of large sculptures for centuries, yet more modern than those used in the Renaissance period, this session will explore how these techniques measure up to the technological solutions available today