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Manufacturing Intelligence Track Keynote – Rethink Quality

Quality is not a destination, or an end result, or part of a job description. It is a journey for which there is no fixed path. If given the opportunity, it can have a profound impact on every part of the manufacturing process. Why not give quality an upgrade and make it the digital backbone of your smarter manufacturing process? Norbert Hanke, President of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, and Brian Shepherd, Senior Vice President for Software Solutions, invite you to learn how a digital first, data-driven approach to manufacturing puts quality at the core of operations. Discover how Hexagon’s digital technologies enable new approaches for smarter design, smarter production, and smarter output.



Norbert Hanke, President, Manufacturing Intelligence

Brian Shepherd, Senior Vice President, Software Solutions, Manufacturing Intelligence

Dr. Michael Grieves, Executive Director, CAMID at Florida Institute of Technology