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Innovation HUB Keynote – Accelerator: Convergence in a Time of Change

The ability to successfully navigate a digital transformation journey positions an organisation for the future. The ability to accelerate that journey opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The conditions under which almost all business is done are changing, transforming industry dynamics, economic fundamentals, and how to compete in the digital economy. As a result, everyone wants to acquire and analyse data faster, present insights faster, and command virtually anything in an ecosystem with speed and agility.

However, the true value of data can only be realised when technology capabilities like enterprise integration, cloud, visualisation, mobility, edge and AI converge with domain knowledge and experience to power the Hexagon solutions you rely on everyday.

Join Claudio Simao, Chief Technology Officer, Hexagon and Tim Marinello, Vice President and General Manager of Sales, Catavolt as they discuss how to unlock this value with disruptive, digital technologies that accelerate your ability to harness data and extract its full potential.



Claudio Simao, Chief Technology Officer, Hexagon

Tim Marinello, VP and GM of Sales, Platform Solutions, Hexagon